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feeding holy cats


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New Years on the Kibbutz
where they invented the Epilady
I have the smoothest legs of the millennium

One Hump or Two

We pass by the Camel Comedy Club
in the old city of Jaffa
Take my humps please

Medical Advice From the Religious Lady

They should play harps
instead of using Prozac
says the woman at the Biblical Harp Store
I suppose at the Prozac store
they don’t speak too highly of Biblical Harps either

Talking With Arabs

Walking through Arab village
Family invites us in for Orange Soda
mixed nuts and conversation
We only have twenty minutes
which is enough
to talk about football
North Carolina
and how they feel like second class citizens
They have beautiful couches
and children
more of both on the way
peace now
peace now

Flying Home from Tel Aviv

I am in the airport
I am on the plane

I am in the air
I am drinking water

Water leaks from plane ceiling
Doesn’t seem right

I have four shequels in my pocket
I am thirty one thousand feet and climbing

It is a different time everywhere
Girl next to me laughs like a Canadian
living in the Dakotas

I am duty free
I am salute the other passengers

I am still climbing
I am eighteen hours away

I am gone from Holy Land
I am hands smell like banana

I am leave guitar on Tarmac
I am in flight movie

I am eat
I am sleep

I am fly, fly, fly

feeding holy cats
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