April 23-29, 2018: Poetry from Suzanne O’Connell and Jim Bennett

Suzanne O’Connell and Jim Bennett

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Suzanne O’Connell

Bio (auto)

Suzanne O’Connell is a poet living in Los Angeles. Her recently published work can be found in Poet Lore, American Chordata, Alembic, Forge, Juked, Existere, Crack The Spine, and Pennsylvania English. O’Connell was nominated twice for the Pushcart Prize. Her first poetry collection, “A Prayer For Torn Stockings,” was published by Garden Oak Press in 2016. Visit Suzanne on the web here.

The following work is Copyright © 2018, and owned by Suzanne O’Connell. and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.

How To Rescue A Marriage With Fruit

I place green slices 
of star fruit on his eyes.
We pretend he has departed,
I say sad prayers over his body,
then he sits up and declares
“I’m alive!”  

We wear pineapple top hats,
and try to make each other laugh.

Bananas and cherimoyas 
make interesting shadow puppets.
We produce the Story of Creation
on our bedroom wall. 
Our hands touch.

I feed him peeled grapes one at a time,
to make him feel special.
We sew matching raisin necklaces.

Wearing only a coconut bra 
I walk into the living room
where he is staring into middle earth.
“Is this sexy?” I ask.

We are the stirred fruit 
on the bottom of a cocktail glass.
We squash a ripe tamarind
between our rock-hard abs.
Juice drools onto the sheets,
puddling there.
Seeds stick to our skin
like the road markers of our many years.

First published in Chiron Review in 2016

The Secret Life Of Beans

Chinese long beans are the kittens of the garden.
They creep with silent paws along the earth
until they reach a patch of sunshine where they 
stretch and pull vitamins out of the light.

Rolande beans are the dapper ones.
Fastidious in all matters of appearance,
they become as straight as chimneys 
when visitors arrive
and they love having their picture taken.

Red noodle beans are the comedians.
They practice their standup routines
and hope that children will visit
as they are the only ones who ever laugh.

The Spanish Miraldas are the sexpot beans,
especially in the heat of summer.
So out of control are they,
some gardeners resort 
to covering them with blankets.

Maybe when beans arrive at your house,
they will hang out in a hot pan
with butter and sliced almonds.
Maybe they will bathe in a cream sauce 
with crackled onions on top.

Maybe when beans arrive at your house,
you will tip your ear down 
and they will tell you the story
of their miraculous childhood 
in the garden.


Jim Bennett

Bio (auto)

Jim Bennett, has written 74  books and numerous chapbooks and pamphlets in a 50 year career as a poet.  He lives near Liverpool in the UK and tours giving readings of his work throughout the year.  He is widely published and has won many competitions and awards for poetry and performance. He runs www.poetrykit.org one of the world’s most successful internet sites for poets.

The following work is Copyright © 2018, and owned by Jim Bennett and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.

legend of the west

I saw Sitting Bull today
staring from a shop window
a look of resignation
on his poster face
a cigar store figure
stood by the door
that also had the look of him
but was only four foot high
five with the rough wood carved
feather headdress
this shop pretended Western
you could dress as a cowboy
be that old trickster Buffalo Bill
complete with stick on whiskers
hold an imitation gun
go home with a carte de visite
more Photoshop than albumen
but no native American clothes
no Eagle feather headdress
I first saw Sitting Bull
on a Legends of the West
Wills cigarette card
he was and always will be
the greatest of them all
a totem face staring out
with thousand yard eyes