The Great Poetry E-Book Free-For-All


A crazy project in which 55 poetry e-books were freely available to all interested humans on Earth for a 24 hour period.

Throughout November we collected e-books from poets and writers interested in participating.

Then on December 1st, for a 24 hour period, anyone was able to download, for free, as many of these e-books as they liked…a poetry e-book free-for-all.

Stay tuned for the next E-Book Free-For-All on December 1, 2018

E-Books and How Many Times Each Was Downloaded:

All This Remains to be Discovered by Sandra de Helen – Downloaded 50 times
This is a book is a memoir of sorts, with poems about my childhood, my mother, becoming a mother myself, and coming out as a lesbian. Some of the poems have been published in journals such as Mom Egg, Lavender Review, and more.

Always Been A Surfer by Don Kingfisher Campbell – Downloaded 44 times
Eighteen poems composed in the middle months of 2017. Many have been published separately. Collected here for the first time.

The Apnea Poems by Bill Yarrow – Downloaded 45 times
99 poems written under the influence of severe sleep apnea. Introductory essay on sleep apnea and writing.

April Foolery by Maggie Westland – Downloaded 42 times
Poems written in response to prompts submitted to the Poetry Super Highway, during Poetry Month, April 2013 – an eclectic mix of topics and styles.

Bees Against the War by Eric Allen Yankee – Downloaded 62 times
22 poems of resistance and revolution. Part of the LocoFo Chapbook series published by William Allegrezza/Moria Books.

Childhood in the Third Reich by Kaye Abikhaled – Downloaded 32 times
Childhood in the Third Reich relates impressions of a six year old living in Germany during World War II. The author’s translation of the book into German follows its English manuscript.

Clockwise the sleeping octopus by Scott Ferry – Downloaded 46 times
Ten poems about children’s books which don’t exist. Thirty-six poems, one for each month, one for each street I have lived. Ten instructional poems, ten poems about famous scientists and mystics involved in the mundane.

Club Des Poètes by Kaye Abikhaled – Downloaded 31 times
“This poetry volume by Kaye Abikhaled will delight the reader who is familiar with Paris as well as the traveler who explores this famous city for the first time and finds many of the sights lovingly described by the poet….” Lisa Kahn

Contagion by Roger Straight – Downloaded 20 times
This is a journal recording the first few months of an unexpected literary journey. You are invited to accompany me on this early portion of my rhyming voyage documenting the various attempts and efforts to get a handle on and some control over what was happening.

The Cowboy Odds & Ends by Grant Guy – Downloaded 27 times
The Cowboy Odds & Ends is a collection of short poems on the Canadian and American Old West. The collection looks at the Old West under a serious microscope and with a tongue in cheek. If John Ford could like, Guy believes he can lie equally.

Crevices by Bernadette Perez – Downloaded 50 times
There is a calming effect after the rain that is disturbing.
~ Bernadette Perez

Cubicleland by Laura Winton – Downloaded 38 times
Poems and short creative nonfiction pieces about life in and around office work.

Darwin’s Dilemma by I.B. Rad – Downloaded 28 times
Love through the ages covered in myriad manifestations, lascivious and otherwise, and poetical styles. But what is Darwin’s dilemma? Read to find out?

Day Moon by Russell Brickey – Downloaded 29 times
What the inside of my mind looks like.

Fauna On Sepia Film by Maggie Westland – Downloaded 29 times
Always there, in plain sight, or hidden from view – animals are our fellow travelers. This collection of 20 poems celebrates and acknowledges some wild things with whom we share this Earth.

Fringe Fantastic by Chas Stramash – Downloaded 30 times
Humorous, satirical, and irreverent, this 91-page chapbook was written on the ancient cobbled streets of Edinburgh during the month-long Edinburgh Fringe Festival celebrations held annually in August.

I’m Glad I’m Here by Richard Westland – Downloaded 22 times
These poems tell the story of how an indentured London trade slave drove his 350 Velocette into the greatest American road trip ever. I’m Glad I’m Here is a new perspective on immigration and assimilation.

A Hawk in Midflight by Hanoch Guy – Downloaded 41 times
The short poems in the book rise to the challenge of presenting frozen moments. Seasons, people and animals shine in these micro poems. The last part of the book.brings forth distilled aphorisms of suffering, life and death and laughter.

Kindred Places by Richard Westland – Downloaded 21 times
Richard Westland, born in London England, was only 7 when WWII began. He survived the blitz, and immigrated to the US in the fifties. He has been writing poetry as memoir since his retirement.

Listening to Electronic Cambodia, Looking up at Trees of Heaven by Marianne Szlyk – Downloaded 26 times
Enjoy my collection of poems inspired by nature, music, the past, and more!

Living Leith by Chas Stramash – Downloaded 25 times
A collection of true-life observational, satirical and humorous poems about the people and the place that is Leith, Edinburgh in Scotland.

A Local Habitation by Stuart Nunn – Downloaded 43 times
Responses to Shakespeare’s plays written in the 400th anniversary of his death, relating them to current worries and issues.

Lyrics of Lebanon by Kaye Abikhaled – Downloaded 32 times
Lyrics of Lebanon tries to convey in poetry thoughts and feelings of a Phoenician people who for centuries have called Lebanon their home.

Making Good God eBook 2017 by Lou PhinneyStoltz – Downloaded 18 times
Original Poetry and Digital Paintings by the artist MrLou

The Man Who Loves The Clouds by Don Kingfisher Campbell – Downloaded 29 times
Twenty poems composed in the early months of 2017. Many have been published separately. Collected here for the first time.

Mask: Shadow by Joseph VanBuren – Downloaded 22 times
The twisted tale of a tortured soul told through dark poetry. In the aftermath of strange psychiatric and biogenetic experiments, our narrator questions reality, laments the loss of truth, and perhaps even reveals apocalyptic prophecies.

Metro Mona Lisa by Rick Leddy – Downloaded 29 times
I wrote Metro Mona Lisa while traveling on the Los Angeles Metro. I also did the layout and took many of the photos. It is somewhat abridged and, sorry, no cover shot. A 1mg pdf is a cruel mistress for a book with photos. Enjoy.

Munchies by Don Kingfisher Campbell – Downloaded 22 times
Eight samples of my poetry from eight of my books.

New Skin by Maggie Westland – Downloaded 31 times
Nineteen poems written awhile ago – but which continue to be relevant – greed, corruption, hatred and misunderstanding have not yet been replaced with kindness, empathy and tolerance.

Notes and Letters (sampler) by Bill Cushing – Downloaded 24 times
Some of my original work used in performances with Chuck Corbisiero, an area musician who also happens to have been a neighbor when we grew up in New York City. The link provided is to our youtube page where some of these pieces have been recorded with video slideshows.

On the Delusional Aspect of Love and Housekeeping by Lavonne Westbrooks – Downloaded 53 times
Poems about love and regret, children and elderly, experience and observation, and oh, yes, there’s a little sex thrown in there. too.

Origins by Rosalind Lee – Downloaded 25 times
This book explores the attraction of the Triolet among other forms.

Out to Lunch (*more Washington, DC poems) by LB Sedlacek – Downloaded 23 times
Visit Capitol Hill in these new poems about a recent trip to Washington, DC by train. All the Hill regular haunts are included: Shakespeare Library, Pete’s Diner, Library of Congress, Union Station, the Nationals Baseball stadium, etc.

PEMOS by Jim Bennett – Downloaded 78 times
PEMOS – A way to look at things. Pemos about Keeping promises, afternoon tea, the moon and lots of many other interesting things.

Poems from a Coffee Shop Window by Chas Stramash – Downloaded 32 times
A collection of poems inspired by coffee. Written in the poet’s favourite coffee shop, this chapbook contains poems about the observations inside and from the window of a coffee shop in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Poolside Poetry by Chas Stramash – Downloaded 20 times
Poolside Poetry contains a variety of observational and humour-laden poems that attempt to peel away the different layers of Cyprus’s personality and bring it to life. This chapbook describes the daily torment and struggle of what it is to be Scottish, pale, and living under a 100 degree sun.

Poolside Poetry 2 by Chas Stramash – Downloaded 18 times
This chapbook was written on location on the beautiful Mediterranean islands of Majorca and Rhodes. It is the second in a short series of chapbooks looking at the fascinating, disturbing, unbelievable and often scarily funny things that human beings get up to while on holiday.

Popcorn by Katie Lewington – Downloaded 35 times
In the poems in this chapbook are the ironies of buying diet Cola with fried chicken, wit, humour, and the cunning needed when living among people who will, when your back is turned, swipe your blackcurrent squash.

Repulsion Thrust by Magdalena Ball – Downloaded 38 times
Repulsion Thrust tackles big subjects: quantum physics, astronomy, time travel, ecological destruction, and technological singularity, viewed through the lens of the human condition.

Revisiting Love Poems by Stephen Mead – Downloaded 34 times
I began doing spoken word as an experiment prompted by Frank Moore asking me to send some work to his radio show, LUVER. Eventually I added music, sound effects and humming as background to create thematic CDs in 2006 and 2009 respectively. The enclosed is that work collected in print.

Say This In A Whisper by Dah Helmer – Downloaded 34 times
These 24 poems are of love and longing, love and loss: Combining grit and passion, beauty and darkness, this poetry invokes true feelings of what it means to be alive. The poems are written in plain and simple language, rather than making readers guess their meanings.

Scorched Earth Music by John Sweet – Downloaded 31 times
Yet another title in a seemingly endless stream of manuscripts that are accepted by publishers, only to a) be mysteriously lost to the sands of time before actually being published or b) fall by the wayside when the publisher-in-question goes out of business.

Selected Poems by Dave Lewis – Downloaded 34 times
A short e-book of poetry from Welsh writer Dave Lewis.

Selected Poems by Jon Corelis by Jon Corelis – Downloaded 25 times
Selected Poems by Jon Corelis written over six decades. 91 pages.

Simple rimes for complex times by Raoul Izzard – Downloaded 22 times
A short selection of simple verse

Sing to Me of My Rights: Poems of Oppression and Resistance by Henry Howard – Downloaded 27 times
A collection of human rights poetry, reflecting the experiences and values that have influenced me as a peace and justice activist since childhood.

The Sky Needs More Work by Corey Mesler – Downloaded 40 times
With poems like “Strictly Blowjob,”  acclaimed writer Corey Mesler has made a book that adjoins sex, love and social connection in their many manifestations, from meditations on The Beatles, death, pharmacology, and infidelity, to “the holycow feeling/of just being human and/satisfied like a goddamn poem.”
coreymesler.wordpress. com

Sorceress by Maggie Westland – Downloaded 27 times
Mothers and daughters across three generations – the magic of poetry expressing our relationships – helps us transition – along each unique pathway.

The Space Between by Marianne Szlyk – Downloaded 36 times
Enjoy this newer collection of nature poetry!

Sunrise on Cesar Chavez by Mark Dixon – Downloaded 28 times
Nights in apartments off Figueroa are filled with traffic, music from Manilow to Nine Inch Nails, and babies crying. By midnight the traffic thins out on the boulevard and even the colicky babies have crashed, and one by one, apartments fall silent. On a good night, they stay that wa

Vend by James Bell – Downloaded 33 times
A course of radiotherapy for cancer lasts six weeks and is usually delivered five days a week. This is a selection of the poems I wrote each day in a waiting room while my wife undertook treatment for breast cancer.

The Wall Builders by Jim Bennett – Downloaded 81 times
February – March = 20 poems At 3am I want to talk about avocados, instead I write a poem. And find out what happenerd when a man tried to free a trapped bird, and then there is that girl on the couch, and the problems with make-up.

We All Saw it Coming by Bill Yarrow – Downloaded 30 times
Fifteen politically-themed poems.Part of the Locofo Chaps series published by William Allegrezza, Moria Books, 2017.

Why Is Pineapple? by Rick Lupert – Downloaded 109 times
New and selected poems from late 2016 through 2017 from Rick Lupert including poems from the forthcoming collection of poems  “Beautiful Mistakes” written in Seattle, Portland, and Twin Peaks.