The Great Poetry E-Book Free-For-All

Thanks to the writers who donated 55 e-books which were freely available to download for 24 hours on December 1st, 2016 The complete list of books, along with how many times each was downloaded during the 24 hour period is below.

Look for the 13th Annual Great E-book Free-For-All on December 1, 2017!


April Foolery by Maggie Westland (downloaded 36 times)
How to pack a lot of poets into one book? APRIL FOOLERY gives you poems by one poet inspired by 16 others. Download the book to see if you are one of the 16 from whom Maggie Westland riffed and wrote.

Armpits of the Holy (downloaded 138 times)
New and selected poems from late 2015 through 2016 from Rick Lupert. (Okay, one was written in the 90’s but was just typed in for the first time last week.)

Can’t Die Mom by Peggy Nolan (downloaded 38 times)
In “Can’t Die Mom,” Peggy Nolan shares her journey through divorce, breast cancer, and finding her happily-ever-after on the other side of life’s lessons. Nolan’s poems are a bold perspective on surviving and thriving with a zest for life.

A Child At War by Larry Westland (downloaded 37 times)
In this work I have tried to reflect the pain of war away from the battlefield and the long term damage to the 1.5 million children who were sent, unaccompanied by their parents, to live with strangers.

Childhood in the Third Reich, Poetry in Eglish, transl. into German by the author by Kaye Abikhaled (downloaded 34 times)
World War II and its aftermath. In part autobiographic, the book relates in free verse impressions of a six year old trying to make sense of chaotic history.

Cracks by Jane Glasser (downloaded 80 times)
The art of Kintsugi, using gold to fill cracks or mend shards in Japanese ceramics, suggests that when a thing has been damaged by time, it becomes more beautiful. So, too, for human experience, offers Jane Ellen Glasser in her chapbook “Cracks,” her sixth poetry collection.

Crucifixion Weather by John Sweet (downloaded 47 times)
Recent, unpublished and constantly evolving poems from the creative geniuses who brought you A NATION OF ASSHOLES W/ GUNS (Scars Publications) and APPROXIMATE WILDERNESS (Flutter Press).

Dew Drops In The Rain by Hibah Shabkhez (downloaded 28 times)
With mangoes and imbeciles, tyrannical parrot-generals and bread that will insist on burning, we have here a rather whimsical collection of poetry in three languages: English, Urdu and French.

Do your chores, love dad by Larry Burns (downloaded 32 times)
The poetry captures my experiences raising two sons and completing my first art project. Seven notebooks we filled from 2011-2014 with messages and doodles were then copied, cut, and reordered to illustrate how people make-up family bonds and roles using complex communication systems.

Don Kingfisher Campbell Time by Don Kingfisher Campbell (downloaded 47 times)
New poems composed between July and November 2016 with titles like Time, Listen to the Park, You Tube Transport, Trespass, The Single Hit in High School, Survey, The American Ways, Discovery of Oh, Alhambra Avenue, Serene Sea, Unlike Stars, Asphalt Nature, Same Exercise X, Solo, Time for Lunch, and autumn.

Egregious Excursions by Jim Babwe (downloaded 27 times)
Inexcusably long poems by an intentionally wordy writer.

Elevator Pitch by Chris Nold (downloaded 61 times)
As the title implies, ‘Elevator Pitch’ is the start of something good, a work in progress, begun live onstage in Brooklyn, August 2016, and continued here. This will continue to evolve into something more. Consider this a step along the way.

Experimental Ruminations by Ali Znaidi (downloaded 44 times)
Originally published by Fowlpox Press, Experimental Ruminations, which is the debut chapbook of Tunisian poet Ali Znaidi, showcases his experimentations with some poetic forms on different themes.

Fauna on Sepia Film by Maggie Westland (downloaded 38 times)
Think you live in the city? Think again. You are always on the edge, on the fringe. In a few small steps you can enter the wildest desert. Simply read these poems.

Go Home Outsider: Grad School Poems Book 1 (2012-2013) by Sid Yiddish (downloaded 29 times)
In Book One, Sid Yiddish, an outsider artist, describes his early experiences during the process of being accepted into art grad school up and through the first year through the medium of poetry.

How To Make A Shit Sandwich by I.B. Rad (downloaded 38 times)
A medley of 15 poems and 2 illustrations blended for your reading pleasure.

I Am Woman by Latorial Faison (downloaded 37 times)
“I Am Woman” prolifically captures the plight of women in America. Faison poetically highlights female trailblazers and brings to remembrance their significance. Like Sojourner Truth’s 1851 speech, this poem celebrates womanhood, honors their achievements, and highlights those who have individually and collectively paved the way for all women.

I’m Glad I’m Here by Richard Westland (downloaded 24 times)
These poems tell the story of how an indentured London trade slave drove his 350 Velocette into the greatest American road trip ever. “I’m Glad I’m Here” is a new perspective on immigration and assimilation.

Incipient Signs by David Chorlton (downloaded 39 times)
Three short sequences of poems relating to the history of fire, ecology, and signs that all is not well in the natural world.

The Instrumentality of Communication: Poems and Other Oddities by Don Bellinger (downloaded 28 times)
Poetry written over the last 25 years or so. Doesn’t have a theme. Not about my misbegotten youth or how my cat abused me in my twenties. Don’t think I had a cat in my twenties. The cat said otherwise, of course. Just poetry.

Kindred Places by Richard Westland (downloaded 24 times)
A book of poems by an emigrant immigrant pondering the meaning of life – finding the meaning of home.

Listening to Electric Cambodia, Looking Up at Trees of Heaven by Marianne Szlyk (downloaded 20 times)
This is a collection of poems inspired by music, place, observation, and memory.

Love Poems for Michael by Joan McNerney (downloaded 23 times)
Love is love and in New England it is all year old. Read how this Brooklyn gal and this Boston guy shocked the Puritans.

Making a Show of Myself 2016 by Jim Bennett (downloaded 35 times)
Every year I put a list of poems together, some tried and tested, some new and unfamiliar to be presented at readings. This is a record of some of the poems read during 2016 when I set out to make a show of myself.

Marriage and Other Leaps of Faith by Jeanie Greensfelder (downloaded 34 times)
Wry and Wise look at Marriage. Greensfelder shows “…any long relationship can never be one thing at a time, only a counterpoint of feelings: resolute, funny, nostalgic, fearful, joyful and often astonishing.” –Diane Stevens

Muse in Miniature by Joan McNerney (downloaded 23 times)
These lovely haiku remind us of the beauty of our planet.

New Skin by Maggie Westland (downloaded 23 times)
Things change – things stay the same. What is the state of the Union? Are we better off? Have we found peace? Read New Skin again and find out.

100 Ways to Cook an Egg by LB Sedlacek (downloaded 26 times)
Travel poems from the coast to Middleburg VA to Washington DC and more! From poet, publisher, editor, and poetry critic LB Sedlacek.

The One Where I Ruin Your Childhood by Daniel Crocker (downloaded 28 times)
A book about childhood trauma. It’s a comedy.

Our Station Forgot to Give the Evening News by Erman Louie Clay (downloaded 25 times)
Queer poet Louie Clay, aka Quean Lutibelle, celebrates life off camera with 25 poems from his 2,643 published manuscripts. What a hoot! He’s professor emeritus at Rutgers, a prophet (according to 3 doctorates from Episcopal seminaries), an octogenarian, and a real live fairy with Duracells in his wand.

The Participle Poems by Bill Yarrow (downloaded 35 times)
Twenty poems by Bill Yarrow (author of The Vig of Love, Blasphemer, and Pointed Sentences), mostly title participles with a couple of gerunds with fake IDs.

Poet Loiterer, Id Biscuits, and Barefoot in the Sanctuary by D.L. Lang (downloaded 29 times)
D.L. Lang’s last three books. Complete. All the pages. Yeah. Political poems, Jewish poems, nature poems. Enjoy.

Poetry By Saranyu by Joolz Bailey (downloaded 17 times)
A collection of poems channeled through the poet’s muse Saranyu.

Put me Down, I’m Terrible by Katie Lewington (downloaded 37 times)
In Put Me Down I’m Terrible, Katie Lewington explores mundanity: a couple making love in a car, a woman preparing for a date, a donut shop. But to say these occurrences are mundane is only half the story.

A Quartet of Wednesdays by Rosalind J Lee (downloaded 21 times)
4 memo poems caught in traveling to & from places, mostly on Wednesdays. Hence the title 🙂

Radio Days by Jim Bennett (downloaded 36 times)
From watching parents dance to a strange incident in a cinema. From the writer who didn’t know he was looking for love to the man who counted everything. Twenty four new poems by Liverpool poet Jim Bennett.

Repulsion Thrust by Magdalena Ball (downloaded 39 times)
Repulsion Thrust tackles big subjects not often the fodder of poetry: quantum physics, astronomy, time travel, ecological destruction, and technological singularity, all viewed through the lens of the human condition. “Take these poems seriously. They may just have some of the answers you require.”

Rescue World by Marvin Dorsey (downloaded 26 times)
Poems taken from my days at work. I work for a no kill dog rescue.

The Rest Of It by Chris Vannoy (downloaded 35 times)
From Shakespeare to beatnick this book cruises across hard realities and science fiction.

Rotary Phones and Facebook by Meg Eden (downloaded 37 times)
This series of poems explores the relationship between mother and daughter, baby boomer and millennial, and explores how female identity is formed and informed by the model of our mothers.

The Ruined City by David C. Kopaska-Merkel (downloaded 31 times)
Dark fantasy poems about life, love, death, pursuit,escape, the moon, and more.

The Space Between by Marianne Szlyk (downloaded 25 times)
These short poems reflect our relationship with the Earth. Sometimes, though, our relationship is an abusive one.

Spiritual Poetry by David Swan (downloaded 26 times)
A collection of poems from my years of travelling and partaking in spiritual and Buddhist retreats. Also from the times when I have fallen down and gotten up again.

Stand of Herons by Ellen Sander (downloaded 26 times)
Early Poems by Ellen Sander, collected from 1969-2001. Includes the NY poems and the L.A. poems. Live Table of Contents, index of 1st lines, etc.

Streetlight Sonata by JR Simons (downloaded 33 times)
Winner of three self-published books awards. If you like this, please review here.

33 Letters to MAD Magazine by Daniel Weinberg (downloaded 27 times)
33 of a collection of 100 Letters to MAD are political, social, and poetic in the life of the author.

Twelve Months by Joan McNerney (downloaded 19 times)
Join in a year of thoughts and ideas which grow as the seasons.

23 poems by Jay Passer (downloaded 31 times)
Another collection from West Coast poet Jay Passer. “As Aragon’s take on the streets of Paris illuminates Payson de Paris, so Passer’s vision of San Francisco elevates both his poetry and prose.” -Lawrence R. Smith, founding editor, Caliban magazine

28 Days of Poetry Celebrating Black History Volume III by Latorial Faison (downloaded 37 times)
In this 3rd volume in a series, Faison continues an exploration of the rich history of African Americans from slavery to the present. This collection focuses on the ills of slavery, Jim Crow, and legendary icons in history.. Poems for readers of all ages can be found in this volume.

Urban Haiku by Marvin Dorsey (downloaded 41 times)
This haiku is a haiku of this city where I work

when the moon is new by Joan McNerney (downloaded 29 times)
We have gone to the moon and now enter its black phase. We are on a joy ride though the maze of modernity with all its angst.

White Trash & Southern ~ Collected Poems by C.S. Fuqua (downloaded 38 times)
Spanning three decades of C.S. Fuqua’s literary career, White Trash & Southern collects 232 previously published poems, exploring and celebrating life’s challenges and rewards. “…unflinching examination of sorrows and joys…” “…gritty, insightful, humorous, tragic, and celebratory…” “…powerfully emotive poems…”

Wolf Pack Moon by Richard Rensberry (downloaded 61 times)
The hard northern winters are a battle between optimism and pessimism and these poems are a reflection of that struggle. These are verses of the lands within and the lands without as written beneath the glow of the wolf pack moon.

Words of Power, Dances of Freedom by Jon Wesick (downloaded 55 times)
This collection of 116 poems reveals the insight, wit and wisdom of one of Southern California’s most widely published, respected poets. A fixture in the poetry landscape of San Diego for two decades, Jon Wesick demonstrates why audiences have been smiling, laughing and cringing with him for a long time.