Poetry Super Highway Great Poetry Exchange


To the 96 poets who offered to send their book to another randomly selected poet in exchange for receiving a book from another randomly selected participant in the Poetry Super Highway’s 17th Annual Great Poetry Exchange.

We have contacted all participants with the details of who to send your book to. Thanks in advance for sending your book out within 2 weeks from receiving that e-mail and for notifying us via e-mail when you’ve sent it. (If you were a participant and did not receive that email, please contact us and let us know.)

Participating Books / Authors:

Afloat in Light by David Adès
“In Adès’ poems, everyday events become consecrated moments.” (Stuart Sheppard). “This book, richly suffused with a personal metaphysics of light and dark, is an extraordinary meditation on the intricacies of affection and intimacy, loss and grief.” (Paul Hetherington).

Air Breathing Life by Abigail Warren
Abigail Warren’s poetry is rich with the natural world—salmon, locusts, summer corn, periwinkles— Often Warren’s poems reveal the ways in which all beings are surprisingly alike… These are insightful, well-made poems that show us truths about ourselves and the multitude of life around us. ~ Ellen Bass

…and other poems by k. mala gutierrez
…and other poems is k. mala gutierrez’s first book of poems. to categorize them is difficult. to read them is not. gutierrez subscribes to what jack kerouac wrote in his short poem “to Edward Dahlberg”: don’t use the telephone / people are never ready to answer it / use poetry.

The Annoying Megaphone Pigeon by Dwane Reads
Often funny, often poignant, always uncompromising Dwane Reads…Poems take you by surprise.These poems are full of characters you need to meet and places you need to visit. (Helen Mort). Dwane is a natural storyteller and indefatigable performer. (Steve Walker. Buxton Fringe Spoken Word Review)

Ark by Ed Madden
(Sibling Rivalry Press, 2016) – A memoir in poetry about a son helping with his father’s home hospice care during his last months of living with cancer.

At Redbones by Thylias Moss
Poems about growing up in Cleveland, OH

At This Time by Richard Leach
This book is an album with a range of forms and themes. Free verse, metered and rhymed verse, blues lyrics; daily life, American politics, and surrealism. 47 of the poems were written in 2017. Two more written earlier bookend the collection.

Awaiting the Images by Anthony Carl
This collection is a gallery of images set to poetry. The poems represent how the mind processes memories, joy, love, loss, pain, and the questions that never seem to have an answer.

Beyond Perspective by John Rowe
A chapbook of 26 poems published by Finishing Line Press (2015). Moments, encounters, explorations, journeys in the realms of dreams and the waking life, real and imagined states of being — with some magic and transformation along the way.

Body Politic by Rich Murphy
The poems address the political situation that we find ourselves in the USA. Poems have appeared in dozens of national and international journals. The book was published by Prolific Press.

Breezes on Their Way to Being Winds by Charles Peek
Chapbook, Finishing Line Press, 30 pp. 2015. Readers called it “pastoral, funny, and knocks you around the room,” noted “wordplay that surprises and delights,” found it a “profound acknowledgement of the larger world outside of solitude.” I call them poems I enjoyed writing, was happy to see published.

A Catalogue of the Further Suns by F. J. Bergmann
Science-fiction poems: a collection of dystopian first-contact reports from the preliminary expeditions. Winner of the 2017 Gold Line Press poetry chapbook contest.

Corpoetry by Rohini Sunderam
A collection of lighthearted poems about corporate life making fun of everything from meetings to IT departments, management gurus to office romance.

Crackers In Bed by Lynda Bullerwell
Inspirational poetry focusing on challenges, survival, and the strength to overcome obstacles. In her second collection of poetry, Lynda Bullerwell gives us selections that are ethereal, poignant and reflective of that delicate balance between love and hate, joy and sorrow, life and death, childhood and adulthood, and love and loss.

Crumbling Utopian Pipedream by Scott Wozniak
A book of poetry born of the streets. Gritty realism focused on hard won battles and life lived on the skids with an undercurrent that highlights our ability to overcome obstacles. Published by Moran Press in 2017.

Dear Gilbert Sorrentino & Other Poems by Jack e Lorts
“Jack e Lorts’ poems, inhabited by a moon that ‘…dives / into the lake / and explodes.’ (Paulann Petersen, Oregon Poet Laureate 2010-2014). A collection of Lorts’ recent poems and work over the last 40 years, ‘Wisdom well tempered by humor mark these poems by poet Jack e Lorts.” (Jarold Ramsey)

Diary of an Open Mind by Gregory Bryant
Published in 2005, Diary of an Open Mind is a collection of poems and stories.

Do your chores, love dad by Larry Burns
This chapbook captures one father’s low-tech effort to communicate with his teenage sons. The books design is inspired by the notebooks I used. Seven notebooks of messages and doodles were copied, cut, and reordered to illustrate how people make-up family bonds and roles through writing.

Don’t Lose Your Head by Jeanette Powers
Stories of family dysfunction, grief, loss and trauma couple with chaotic graphic design in this small book which also interlaces numerous original ink drawings with the poems. Powers explores confessionalism focused around the moment of finding out (36 years after the fact) the details around her father’s death.

EarthWords by Sue Neufarth Howard
Poems about my reaction to and love of the natural world and it’s inhabitants…about sky, wind, water, seasons, rain and drought, night and day, as well as birds, butterflies, and cicadas. Experience moments of revelation, awe, peaceful ecstasy.

Escaped without Injury by Carol Williams
Escaped Without Injury is a celebration of the everyday struggle to maintain the energy of one’s soul through myth and metaphor. It is a mosaic of observations on love, marriage, sorrow and poetry itself.

Flashcuts Out of Chaos by Charles Brice
In Flashcuts Out of Chaos, Charlie Brice poetically encounters race relations, Conscientious Objection, the vagaries of Catholic education, and life in small town America as well as love, marriage, religion, friendship, death, philosophy, psychoanalysis and baseball.

Footnote by Trish Hopkinson
Praise for Footnote: “Hopkinson understands that the best conversation is a transformation, in which the words one has inherited are reinvented. Footnote reminds us the act of saying is something we may never fully understand—and that is cause for whirling joy.” –Chen Chen

Fragments of Yesterdays Past by Melissa Mendelson
Fragments of Yesterdays Past whisper through the corridors of this broken world as we linger, struggling to capture a past now gone, leaving us with mistakes that have torn us in two, and the cruel hands of circuitry steal away what makes us human.  Are we now nothing but machine?

A Glint Of A Glimpse Of A Glimmer Of Alan Harris by Alan Harris
A book of poetry and/or spoken-word which spans my entire writing career, about twenty-five years. Like all writers, I go through different phases in my writing, and I have made it a point to include pieces from throughout my body of work.

Go On, Breathe Freely! by Tom Pescatore
Follow a ragged band of East Coast wanderers searching for that mythical freedom of the West that had grown in their child-like city-dweller hearts, across the American landscape and into forgotten ghost towns, through its great cities, past unforgiving mountains and near endless forests, to the very soul of America.

God Bless Paul by CLS Ferguson
The Apostle Paul focused on the concept of love and how God intended this concept to be felt and expressed. Though I, as all people, have fallen short of this intention time and time again, the expression and encapsulation of my attempts is a piece of my process.

God Wrestler by Rick Lupert
A poem for every Torah Portion, written over the course of the annual Torah reading cycle. Filled with “reverent irreverence” ~ Rabbi Ed Feinstein

Hope: Newfound Clarity by Pat Kraus
Hope: Newfound Clarity is a chapbook of poems forming a narrative arc of one lesbian woman’s journey from active alcoholism to recovery and sobriety.

I Dream of Empathy by Marianne Szlyk
These poems in first, second, and third person show my attempts to feel empathy for the earth, myself, my mother, and even my first husband.

If We Dance . . . A Collection of Poems by Marsha Markman
Published in memory of Jan Bowman are poems by Jan, Susan Corey, Marsha Markman, Eileen McGrath, Kathryn Swanson, Maggie Westland and Joan Wines. Topics include, “Borders,” “Family,” “Peacekeepers,” “Milestones,” and “What if?,” topics reflected in art by Jeanne Wines-Reed.

In Somebody Else’s Blood by Qiana Cutts
Qiana Cutts’ poetry focuses on relationships, self-love, and healing. The poems in In Somebody Else’s Blood are about the ways love binds and shapes us and knowing that the comfort of somebody else’s blood is secondary to the confidence of your tenderness.

Juggling Fire, Blindfolded by Eric Evans Evans
Evans’ book deals with the loss of old love and the welcoming in of the new. These are not divorce poems, per say, as they lack any such distasteful bitterness. Rather, with allusive nods to great music and film, they embrace the more complicated truths of the matter.

The Killing Tree by J.D. Smith
Described by Timothy Steele as “a triumph of life and art,” The Killing consists of poems in a variety of traditional forms addressing both personal and public life.

King of the Jungle by Zvi A. Sesling
His first book, it is an eclectic collection of poetry that covers a broad range of emotions. It was a nominee to the Massachusetts Poetry Book Award.

Labours by Jude Brigley
The starting point of this chapbook is the twelve labours of Hercules brought up-to-date. ‘This is a collection of subtlety and maturity. Some of the poems are apparently straightforward while others are complex, personal and enigmatic. Word associations and collocations tantalise the reader but reward persistence.’ Chris Pearson

Let Me Give You This by Carolyn Adams
This book explores death, loss, and transcendence within the context of nature.

Life Isn’t Always a Bed of Roses by Larry Bubar
Poems that deal with life and its many facets. From soft palatable verse to raw chunks of reality.

LONE STARS Magazine Edited by Milo Rosebud
LONE STARS Poetry Magazine is published thrice a year, 30+ pgs. Poetry, Internationally distributed. We are your Word Window to the World. Publishing contemporary Poets, Graphic Art, and Poetry 25+ years. Ongoing Contests and Interactive Poetry Prompts.

Look Where She Points by Emily Vieweg
​​This first chapbook by poet Emily Vieweg examines the often conflicting roles of parenthood with attempting to maintaining a career, as well as seeing things in a swirling state of confusion … A great launch to Ms. Vieweg’s writing career!
stevenallenmay, Plan B Press

Lost and Found by Phillip Roberts
Of the nearly 500 poems I’ve salvaged so far, I’ve selected 100 that adequately represents my voice. It is my sincerest wish that they find an audience, even if only one person who willingly reads bravely and is able to see past all my foibles and failures as a man.

The Loveliest Vein of Our Lives by Neil Leadbeater
A dazzling portrayal of life in urban and rural Brazil. More than a mere travelogue, each poem stands on its own but together they offer a sharp evocation of one of the most fascinating countries on earth.

Love in Interesting Times by Wyatt Underwood
Wyatt Underwood celebrates love, and looks at our times and what we’re doing with them, then celebrates love in those times.

Mars or Bust by LB Sedlacek
Go to Mars and back in these adventurous poems about traveling to Florida, on I-95, to the Kennedy Space Center, Legoland, Savannah and more.

Menage A Trois With the 21st Century by Eileen Tabios
Eileen R. Tabios’ critically-acclaimed poetry collection, MENAGE A TROIS WITH THE 21ST CENTURY includes two series which resuscitate 21st century lives for Enheduanna (2285-2250 B.C.), the Mesopotamian poet-priestess, and Gabriela Silang (1731-1763), the Philippines’ first woman general.

Moraine by Tamara Madison
A moraine is what’s left when a glacier ends — it’s a collection of whatever it has picked up along the way (rocks, logs, carcasses etc.). This collection of poems represents stuff I’ve picked up along the way.

More Poems About Purple Wizards and Neon-Bright Exceptionalisms by Jason Preu
A poetry book about being awesome and sadness.

Motor Imagery, Healing Through Words by Kimberly Burnham
Powerful words alter the brain’s landscape, improve walking, promote dancing, and put the cycle back in bicycle. Healing words made up of ordinary letters marching single file through the mind: erasing pain, handing a smile to the face and a twinkle to the eyes. Ordinary words can create something extraordinary.

My Country – My People : Modern Indian Epic by Seshendra Sharma
This is Seshendra’s Magnum Opus . Translated into English , Greek and other popular Indian Languages. Nominated for Nobel in 2004.

Not My White Savior by Julayne Lee
Not My White Savior explores what it is to be a transracial, inter-country adoptee & being constantly told how better your life is because you were rescued. Not My White Savior is angry, brilliant, unapologetic & unforgiving. A vicious ride of a book sure to spark discussion & debate.

Notes and Letters by Bill Cushing
Excerpted from Marianne Syzlk’s review: “Notes and Letters includes poems inspired by the music of Miles Davis and Charlie Parker but also on a variety of other topics such as the Peruvian city of Cuzco, religion, and individuals in Los Angeles.”

Old Women Talking by Wilderness Sarchild
The poems in Old Women Talking speak of finding grace in the aging process; honoring death as a rite of passage; coming to terms with family trauma; expressing my anger, frustration, sadness, joy and love about what is happening in the world on any given day.

On Summer Solstice Road by Jerry Garcia
These poems are rooted in mid-twentieth century America with stories of evolution, redemption and hope. This book incorporates a full multimedia experience with QR Codes that link selections to poetry-films which can be played back on a smartphone or tablet.

One Breath by Catharine Clark-Sayles
These are poems drawn from medical training and practice. Most are free verse with narrative and lyric treatment of such rites of passage as gross anatomy lab in medical school to signing a death certificate. Some poems deal with the author’s own experiences with illness.

Opaque Melodies that Would Bug Most People by Corey Mesler
These poems remind the reader what it means to be human, to be alive and living surrounded by a multitude of beating hearts and breathing lungs. Together the poems create an earthy blanket that connects readers to a single mind whose voice throughout remains delicate, concrete, and vital.

Overheard in Hell by Rie Sheridan Rose
Poems written during April to Poetry challenge prompts with a slant toward the dark with a few extra pieces thrown in. Nothing too horrific, but definitely a bit warped from sweetness and light.

Patterns of Reconciliation by Matt Mauldin
Matt Mauldin is a poet living in Santa Barbara, CA, originally from the Atlanta, GA hardcore punk music scene. His first book, Patterns of Reconciliation, comprises poignant poems written from 1993 to 2017, organized around themes of personal experience, social commentary and spirituality.

Penny Pages of Poetry by Terry Lee
4 “Street Corner” Pamphlets of collections of original Poetry and “Food for Thought” by Terry Lee.

Percussive by Chuck Joy
Percussive. (Turning Point, Cincinnati OH, 2017). A collection of poems selected for their narrative quality from Chuck Joy, “a poet whose sharp eye, impeccable ear, singular wisdom, and enormous heart move the reader to places of discovery and intrigue . . .” (Joey Nicoletti).

Philemon’s Gambit by Marie C Lecrivain
A collection of sonnets and B & W art photos.

Physical Science by Tara Powell
A chapbook inspired by the poetics of “Science Friday” and the teaching life.

Play House by Don Kingfisher Campbell
40 pages featuring 26 poems about my Year of Being Single. Titles like Riding with a Porpoise, “I’m Going to Take a Shower Now”, The Thirteen Ways, U.B.O. (Unidentified Bedding Object), First Cohabitation Dinner, One Hit Wonders (In My Life), History in a Backroom, Dawn Breaks, Six Weeks.

Poems in Water by Mary Langer Thompson
Read poems by Mary Langer Thompson, 2012 Senior Poet Laureate of California, about the ordinary and extraordinary. Published by Green Fuse Poetic Arts of Loveland, Colorado. Included is her award-winning and most published poem, “Wishbone in Moonglow.”

Poems by James Troy Turner
Honest, heartfelt verse expressing disappointments and hopes, doubts and faith, failures and successes. If you’ve ever loved and lost, struggled to make ends meet and make sense of life … especially if you remember the era of the Vietnam War, of which Turner is a veteran … you’ll relate to these poems.

Prayer for the Misbegotten by Julia Carlson
A collection of poetry about relationships, nature, and the world as I see it.

Pretty Scary Jack O’Lanterns by Mary Leary
Chapbook issued by Bread & Lightning; 1997, with an early 2000s revision. Long and short poems by Mary Leary, illustrated w/ loved ephemera by the writer. Titles include All The Big Subjects and After Luis’s Party.

Rap-Notes: Shakespeare’s Greatest Hits by Bob Zaslow
I wrote the stories of Hamlet, Macbeth, Romeo & Juliet, King Lear, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream in rap. I also  recorded them and will share that electronically with my poet partner. (About an hour of audio.) Best result: my English students in the Bronx got rid of their Shakesfear.

Reflections of Nebulous Eternal by James Cone
Reflections of Nebulous Eternal is a poetry book about spiritual development and self reflection. Learning to understand that the world is an ugly place and we are the sole controllers that can make it a beautiful and wonderful place to exist. It starts from within.

Remembering Softly: A Life In Poems by Catherine Lawton
An honest, inspirational collection of poems in both metered rhyme and free verse, representing each era of the poet’s life. Original color art illustrates the 73 poems that comprise a spiritual and emotional memoir of a life lived in searching faith, faltering but clinging to hope, while learning to love.

Revelation of a Dream by Deborah McCarrick
My book is based around real life situations, things that happen in everyday life. Some are sad,, some are happy but all are true life experiences.

Rewrites and Second Chances by Jacob Erin-Cilberto
This poet’s mind wanders over a broad terrain of human experience and non-human matters–from Emily Dickinson to street-wise crows to seamless semantics to the glare of fossils.—-Tom Tolnay, editor-publisher, Birch Brook Press.

Re-Writing Family History by Linda Reising
According to poet Matthew Graham, who reviewed Re-Writing Family History, “One comes away from these poems as one comes away from a family reunion–filled with joy and pain, comfort and sadness. A real pleasure to read.” This book was a finalist for the Oklahoma Book Award.

Room Enough by Michael Arcangelini
Room Enough is a 44 page book of 26 poems. From meeting The Bob Kaufman (“Bob at the Bank”) to speaking at International Women’s Day (“Written for the Occasion”) to having “Room Enough” for the loves in his life, Arcangelini writes with a quiet assurance, with humor, and with heart.

Saqil pa Q’equ’mal: Light in Darkness: Poetry of the Mayan Underworld by Mari Christie
The Mayan myths of the Popol Vuh are both sensual and ruthless, especially  the trials of Xibalba. The road to the ancient underworld is well-marked, its fearsome tests legend. In Saqil pa Q’equ’mal, a modern woman journeys through good and evil to find the light in darkness.

Scattered Cranes by Guinotte Wise Wise
Scattered Cranes is a wild ride through parts of America which are somehow familiar and alien at the same time. Guinotte Wise’s wry humour and gift for storytelling combine to forge a compelling and essential collection of bare-knuckle poetry. —Ben Banyard, Editor/Publisher Clear Poetry UK

79 Windows by Josh LaMore
Each of the 79 Windows in this collection of poetic prose present a glimpse into the impossible to capture whole of a moment in a particular place and circumstance– a framed view.

Singing in My Chains Like The Sea by Bengt O Björklund
My first book of English poetry. This one, like all my poetry, is influenced by Dylan Thomas and yet very different. I’m Swedish and started to write poetry in English in 1970 in a prison cell in Istanbul – that’s a different story.

Smutty Bupkis by Clyde Always
100 Billion Views on the pages, all inked dripped by the author! Grab a copy of the latest xeroxed masterpiece from the mad storyteller featuring such Cafe International hits as: Stella & the Fratboy, Regan the Militant Vegan, & Emoji! Oh Gee! Just don’t forget to finish what you start.

Something Yet to Be Named by Kersten Christianson
“These poems are an offering of imagery and language—shards of whale bone, a field of fireweed, a stone cairn—as the poet-sage guides us through inner and outer landscapes.”  ~ Vivian Faith Prescott, Author of The Hide of My Tongue, and Traveling with the Underground People

Standards of Sadiddy by Jonathan Penton
Standards of Sadiddy is written with a gentleness that grabs onto your being, the yin and yang. “Darling, we have learned/of the wars within us/without us/we know that victory is something none can justly claim.” Penton’s book will leave you reminiscing your own inner madness. —Gloria Mindock

Take the Long Way Home by Martina Reisz Newberry
The poems in “Take the Long Way Home” address the various paths and pathologies that take us from where we are to where we may be going. Women are always displaced persons//born searching for someone/someplace…”

10 Stories Down by Vincent Golphin
Poems inspired by the author’s visits to China from 2008 to 2012.

Thawed Stars by Alice Pero
Alice Pero’s first book of poetry, “Thawed Stars”, was praised by Kenneth Koch as having “clarity and surprises.” Ms. Pero is also an accomplished flutist. She founded the reading series Moonday in 2002 and Windsong Players Chamber Ensemble in 2015. Pero has created dialogue poems with over twenty poets.

366 Poems: My Year in Verse by John Kaprielian
Author John Kaprielian resolved to write one poem a day for a year. The results are observational, topical, introspective, and occasionally whimsical. It was a daunting task; some poems don’t quite succeed, while others elevate the experiences of daily life through clever use of language, powerful imagery, and keen observation.

The Tiny Tale of The Tiny Woman by Elizabeth Marchitti
A very small chapbook, a flight of the author’s imagination. Cover Art by her granddaughter, Sarah-Ann, Artist and Art Teacher.

The Torchbearer by David Turow
Neo-romantic love and philosophical poetry.

Touched by an Anglo by Frank Mundo
Author of the widely published essay, “How I Became a Mexican,” Frank Mundo spares neither our sense of horror nor our funny bone, with poems that speak from the page like your childhood best friend peering over your shoulder.

Under the Kaufmann’s Clock: Fiction, Poems, and Photographs of Pittsburgh by Angele Ellis
Clever’s photos are…interesting… Ellis’ strong writing…veers between prose, haikulike epigraphs and narrative poems. In “Landscape,” Ellis writ[es] of “[t]hat first hint of gold in the Tubes / when you come through / at night: then trumpets / of daffodil lights, / lifting Pittsburgh like spring.”—Fred Shaw, Pittsburgh City Paper.

Vanishing Into Life by Jill Zell
A collection of inspirational poems written from the heart about love, loss, hope and reflection and all of the emotions that accompany love and loss. Many poems were inspired by actual people and events in the poet’s life.

The Village by Vivian Wagner
A collection of poems describing everyday life in the village of New Concord, Ohio.

Water Works by John Burroughs Burroughs
Water Works was first published by Recycled Karma Press in 2012. The original edition is rare and difficult to find, so The Poet’s Haven is delighted to bring you a new Archive Series release of this splendid collection of poems by Crisis Chronicles Press publisher John Burroughs!

We Pass Each Other on the Stairs by Hanoch Guy
I am sure you like to meet new people. This book is for you. Experience 120 real and imagined encounters of interesting characters presented in humor, sadness and compassion.

Whirlwind @ Lesbos by Risa Denenberg
Whirlwind @ Lesbos is a collection chronicling one life echoed in many lives, real and imagined: girlhood loves, activism, friendships ravaged by AIDS, a lover lost to suicide, a son lost to a custody battle, the body getting old. Whirlwind @ Lesbos is a decisively erotic, explicitly lesbian collection.

Who Are We Then? by Ed Werstein
“A dynamic, passionate, and reflective collection. Working class poetry at its finest.” (Blue Collar Review) “Ed’s poems step down off the soapbox and march poetically straight into our hearts.” (Bruce Dethlefsen, Wisconsin Poet Laureate, 2011-2012)

Words of Power, Dances of Freedom by Jon Wesick
This new collection reveals the insight and wit of one our our most widely published and respected poets. A fixture in the poetry landscape for decades, Jon Wesick shows why audiences have been  laughing and cringing with him for such a long time.

Xanthippe and Her Friends by Beate Sigriddaughter
Xanthippe, an early nasty women of record, was married to famous philosopher Socrates (5th century BC). She was maligned, ridiculed as nag, and eventually forgotten. These poems are about women’s situation in a world still (or again) teeming with disrespect, and the attempt to climb to a better place.