Poetry Super Highway Great Poetry Exchange


To the 72 poets who offered to send their book to another randomly selected poet in exchange for receiving a book from another randomly selected participant in the Poetry Super Highway’s 13th Annual Great Poetry Exchange.

All participants were emailed on Saturday, March 1 the details of who to send your book to (as well as a second email letting you know which book you’d be receiving.)  If you didn’t receive either email please send an email to Rick@PoetrySuperHighway.com and we’ll resend it.

Thanks in advance for sending your book out within 2 weeks from receiving that e-mail and for notifying us via e-mail AFTER you’ve sent it.

Books Pledged This Year:

Along the Way by Beverly Schellhaass
This collection of my poems reflect my Wisconsin heritage and Midwestern roots. I’m always inspired by the outdoors and the people in my life.

Alternate Lanes: by Marie Lecrivain
An anthology of travels using alternate transportation in the City of Angels www.poeticdiversity.org

Amor by Ina Schroders-Zeeders
The story of a love told in 227 poems, from the beginning till when all is over. inaweblogisback.wordpress.com

Amygdalomania by Alissa Babaeva
there was a time when emotions ran my existence. this is a collection of their sufferings.

The Anatomy of a Cratedigger by Eric Evans
Evans continues to take on the weird world one chaotic day at a time. “Evans’ is making photos out of words here, capturing what’s sad and amazing, grainy and memorable in each moment, reaching for what is worth hanging on to and hinting at what exists outside each frame” – Quimby’s

Another Word by David Chorlton
A chapbook of poems, few as they are, spanning the time between the Eastern European revolutions and the most recent U.S. invasion of Iraq. Mine is a decisively non-military viewpoint.

The Antigone Poems by Marie Slaight
A powerful retelling of the ancient Greek tale of defiance and justice, The Antigone Poems, written in the 70s by poet Marie Slaight and artist Terrence Tasker, is starkly illustrated, and its poetry captures the anguish and despair of the original tale in an unembellished modernized rendition.

The Arbitrary Sign by Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé
Praised as “transcendent” by Bryan Borland and “charming and lively” by Darian Leader, The Arbitrary Sign ups the chic quotient on the alphabet book, invoking Derrida, Deleuze and Lacan. Here, “J is Jouissance” and “S is Signifier”. It’s a poetic take on philosophy where you’re the genius analysand.

Beneath Our Feet by Mary Harrison
Slim volume of Mary’s poems and haiku

Between Silence and Sound by Michelle Angelini
Perfect-bound book with 27 poems and photos on various themes.

Beyond the Threshold by Francina Hartstra
Beyond the Threshold contains 39 poems. The collection emerged from the thought that every person makes choices or needs to make choices in life without really knowing the consequences. The poems are written independently but arranged in such manner that this thought became a red thread throughout the book.

Bindle Stick by Donna Pecore
My first perfect bound book:Journal of Modern Poetry Book Award winner. A collection of some of my favs! Grab your Bindle Stick and take a wild willy nilly journey with me. (Bindle Stick: Hobo’s suitcase on a stick)

The Book of Good Dreams by Douglas Richardson
New and selected poems (2007-2014) by Los Angeles poet and novelist Douglas Richardson.

A Breath of Paint by LB Sedlacek
Features travel and adventure poems from the desert to the mountains and all over.

A Cardboard Door by Larry Bierman
Released 2013, collection of abbreviated sonnets, 111 pages. The fourth collection of poetry by Larry Bierman. Trade paper available through

Chapbook by Kathleen Matson
flash fiction with a dedication to artist Jo Ann Hertz and an introduction by Lillian Hellman as well as closing poetry by Juan Ramon Jimeniz

Chapbook I by Rebecca Lynn Mate
Intellectual, Child-like, Idealistic, Thought-provoking, Poetic Whimsy.

The Day The Earth Shook by Susan Anderson
The book seeks to make the world a smaller place by describing in detail the plight of the Haitian people through the eyes of a woman who has served there as a teacher and medical person.

Dead Horses by Joan  Colby
Life on a small midwestern farm is the genesis of many of the poems in DEAD HORSES. Unsentimental and realistic, they celebrate an enduring involvement with horses (riding, breeding, foaling, and racing) and offer a tough-minded look at the vagaries of rural existence.

Diary of An Open Mind by Gregory Bryant
A compilation of different thuoghts on a multitude of subjects.

Domestic Spiral by Elise Gregory 
A chapbook of poems that focus on intimate moments of life and new motherhood.

Elvis Presley’s Hips & Mick Jagger’s Lips by Susana Case
The poems cover a range of subjects related to music, organized into three sections: “The Honey Thing,” (relationships); “Mood Alteration,” (substance abuse and shifts in emotion); and “Write a Song About It,” (the music business and its relationship to other aspects of life).

Every Evening Deserves a Title by Carol Dorf
This is an artist’s chapbook in collaboration with Terri Saul. Daisy Fried said, “Carol Dorf’s poetry is full of an invigorating restraint that allows penty of space for the intelligent engagement of the senses and the heart.”

Fleeing Back by Pat Hanahoe-Dosch
Fleeing Back chronicles travels through mental and geographical landscapes. The poems reveal the sensual, sometimes dark, sometimes lush and exotic topography of the worlds the poet moves through as she embraces the choice to live life beyond the expectations of family and culture.

For Lack of Diamond Years by Caroline Beasley-Barker
A mixed-set of free verse, unabashed counting forms, John Cage mesostics, along with poems based on colors, and some that steal freely from traditional American songs. There is a thread of praise that runs throughout this tale of the quotidian/numinous/the-revamped-transcendental.

Fugitive Pigments by Ruth Bavetta
Brings together the worlds of poetry and art. These are ekphrastic poems, instructive poems, poems riffing off the principles of art—the art of living, of shading, perspective, colors; how to create an exquisite corpse, and what one should know about shadows.

Gathering the Harvest by Mary Jo Balistreri
Gathering the Harvest is both a beautiful elegy and a quiet celebration–an elegy for a world either lost or never fully realized, but celebration too, of all that remains, survives and flourishes.

Gone Hollywood by Laurence Overmire
Veteran actor/director/producer Laurence Overmire takes us deep into the dark heart of the tinsel town world he knows very well, a world where pretense is a virtue, make believe is real, and money is a provocative plaything.

The Home Atlas by David Feela
The Home Atlas is David Feela’s first full length poetry collection published by WordTech.  His poetry chapbook, Thought Experiments, won the Maverick Press Southwest Poets contest.  His book of essays, How Delicate These Arches, was chosen as a finalist for the Colorado Book Award.

In Guilded Frame by A.J. Huffman
In Guilded Frame is an anthology dedicated to Ekphrasis poetry.

In Search of Magnificence by Babru Samal
A collection of poems about Life, Living, Love, Universe and Diaspora.

In the Company of Women by Apryl Skies edited by Apryl Skies
In the Company of Women, an enthusiastic look at the heartfelt dynamics of relationships between women presented in varying forms of poetry, memoir, commentary, quotes and artwork. From laughter to tears; a book of life histories and journeys, taken and navigated by women of wit and wisdom, sass and class.

The Jewel in the Moment by Richard Cody
“The Jewel in the Moment”, subtitled “random observations in Haikuish”, collects 80 or so of Richard Cody’s best experiments with the Haiku and Tanka forms. Read the book that nobody has called some of the finest English language Haiku ever written!

The Land that Fills My Dreams by Mindy Barad
My first book of poetry, about Israel, the Jewish people, women of the Bible.

Librettos for the Black Madonna by Neil Leadbeater
A poetic voyage of exploration and a dazzling portrayal of life in Latin American countries. The poems draw on historical and geographical features, voyages of discovery, mythology and nature. The sequence ranges through the States of Brazil, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.

Life & Death In The Garden Of Love by Barbara Phillips
A short collection of poems reflecting on the archetypal struggles encountered in human meanderings from birth to death.

Love Lines by Stephanie Mesler
Illustrated Passion Poems For Lovers And Other People.

Lust by Diana Raab
A passionate journey through private emotional moments, Diana Raab’s Lust voices the pain of loneliness and the heart’s yearning for love while transcending the depths of human desire. In her fourth book of poetry, Raab employs narrative verse that is alive, titillating, and seductive.

Maintenance and Death by Harry Calhoun
(In Maintenance and Death) … the poems … perhaps because they are freighted with such inevitability, amplify Calhoun’s considerable skill with image and metaphor, his acute awareness of need, desire, and the heart’s determination.” — Phebe Davidson, reviewer, Wild Goose Poetry Review

Mein Krap by Daniel  Irwin
Poetry…what else?  Inspirational to a nutzo.  Everyone else just wonders.

Miss Unthinkable by Pamela Miller
Maureen Seaton says: “Miss Unthinkable is a gorgeous and rollicking collection. The language sparks, contagious and mellifluous; the energy peaks, then peaks again; and the poems read both hilarious and heartbreaking. Miller’s new book is stunning.”

Mitmensch by Corey Mesler
This chapbook invokes the specter of a man known only as Mitmensch. Poem by poem, a variety of speakers construct a shadowy portrait of this man. Frustrated artist. Ruthless business man. Demi-god.

Nothing in New England is New by Rick Lupert
Rick’s 15th book and latest poetic travelogue written while traveling through Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Salem and Boston, Massachusetts, and Providence, Rhode Island where they set the river on fire.

The Order That They Came by Don Kingfisher Campbell
23 new poems composed between October 2013 and February 2014.

Paper Boats by David  Fraser
Paper Boats, meditations to set adrift upon a stream is a collection of American Sentences as well as short reflective meditational poems inspired by Allen Ginsberg and the Chinese poets, Li Bai and Tu Fu.

Parabola Dreams by Alan Britt
Poems by Silvia Scheibli and Alan Britt

The Place We Begin by Hope McLeod
32 pages full of apple winds, fire rainbows, and hibiscus blooming. Inspired by where she lives, a mile from Lake Superior in northern Wisconsin. Town is downhill, wilderness just behind her. Mostly free verse but because Hope was a musician for 35 years her words have bounce and natural cadence.

Poems On the Hills by Bhisma Upreti
This book describes the life of people living in the Himalayas and hills in Nepal. Also, the happiness, suffering and the feeling of love and life are also written in the poems in the beautiful wa

Poetry for the Thoughtful, new edition. by Rosalind J. Lee
If you liked ‘Invented!’ You might like these, not exactly chocolate box or bunches of roses, because sometimes the darkness slips in. An adjusted selection of poems written between 2003 and the present day. I hope you enjoy. Some psychosocial elements.

Poetry of Hospitals and Waiting Rooms by Shirley Bell
A moving collection of poetry covering a year leading up to Shirley Bell’s husband’s triple heart bypass surgery, while her mother was also in failing health. They cover anxiety and grief with flashes of mordant humour. They have an elegiac quality and end in quiet joy at recovery.

A Pox Upon Your Blessings by Finley & Klecko
Third volume in our epic 2013 tag-team poetry event. Kinda funny, kinda sweet, kinda in-yer-face.

Proof by Jim Babwe
A modest collection to prove that an appointment plus the introductory session with a psychiatrist would be absolutely unnecessary. Or fruitless. No. Unnecessary. That’s better.

Raisins with Almonds / Pàssuli cu mènulli by Stanley Barkan
A bilingual (English-Sicilian) collection divided into two parts: Jewish heritage and love of Sicilian culture.  116pp.  $15.00 (Mineola, NY: Legas, 2013).  “Barkan’s Jewish soul has found in Sicily a receptive and maternal ambience….” —Gaetano Cipolla, President, Arba Sicula

A Rare and Vacant Hour by Avalanche Rehorek
I am Avalanche because I am a mountain getting its rocks off.

Returning Soldiers Speak: An Anthology of Prose and Poetry by Soldiers and Veterans by Leilani Squire
Leilani Squire has compiled a moving collection of stories and poignant, sometimes excruciatingly humorous, personal experiences that spanning history from WWII to the Cold and Vietnam Wars, to the conflicts of the Persian Gulf and Iraqi Freedom, and even to little-known clandestine operations in remote corners of the globe.

RHD12/02 Sampler by Colin Lichen
Paper plus words. Perhaps a staple.

SCRaPe: New Poems by Born Before
Evoking modernity, emphasis placed on snap poems that go faster with pop. Including ‘Fastland,’ ‘Fish,’ ‘Gain A World’ and ‘On the sunset.’ Born Before is an emerging poet from San Luis Obispo, California. 48 poems. 52 pp. 2014, New Theorem Press (self-published).

The silence of sleighs by Neil Meili
Poetry of passages along the quiet but busy highway between memory and music

The Sisyphean Burden by Michael Estabrook
Written in cahoots with Fred Voss The Sisyphean Burden is a compilation of work-related experiences from the machine shop to the board room.

Steaming A Head by F.J. Bergmann
A self-published collection of oddities, all of which previously appeared in classy literary journals that should have known better.

Surrendering to Transcendence by Kelly Giles
The 3rd of a trilogy of poetry collections which began with “swimming in a thunderstorm” and continued with “surfing the tsunami”, it chronicles the author’s spiritual and psychological journey through the peaks and valleys of PTSD, working through anger and grief to finally arrive at a place of compassion.
kgstoryteller.com/; https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kelly-Giles/109132339214895

Telling Lies by Katherine L.  Gordon
vibrant collection of short poems / capturing mind meandering. / Quote by collaborator Stan White: “most poetry is fabrication, if you want fact go to science.”

Tending by Laura Grace Weldon
This collection casts an uncommonly bright glow. Wonders are found in topics rarely addressed by poets: window washers, archaeologists, cows, rutabagas, lost overcoats. The beauty of ordinary lives are revealed with what one reviewer calls radical empathy.

Thawed Stars by Alice Pero
“Thawed Stars” was hailed by Kenneth Koch as having “clarity and surprises.” “After the break of dawn/I stepped in the pieces all day” sings Pero, whose take on the world is both wry and slightly askew. “Thawed Stars” soars with musicality and wisdom.

Things That Go Bump in the Night by Elmae Passineau
A slim chapbook of poems, each with a slight “edge” to it.

The Torchbearer by David Turow
The book consists of two sections: love poetry (“A History of Love”) and philosophical poetry (“The Priest”).

Whispered” by Bozena Helena Mazur-Nowak
In July 2013,’Whispered”, a book of selected poems in English, was released under the auspices of the IPPA in London. This new book is a collection of love poems. It is touching, and lyrical.

Who Are We Then? by Ed Werstein
What others have said about this book: Poetry as manifesto. Poems of protest delivered with sincerity and conviction, not outrage or anger. Thoughtful words, strong images and insightful questions describing a society dividing further into haves and have-nots.

Whole Cloth: A Poem Cycle by Ronnie Hess
With the suspense of a mystery novel and the excitement of a travel adventure, Whole Cloth pieces together the loose ends of a family history.

Words Not Spoken by Vinita Agrawal
An anthology of poems, a potpourri of poetry depicting love, pain, moments and journeys.