Poetry Super Highway Great Poetry Exchange

The mission of the Poetry Super Highway is to expose as many people to as many other people’s poetry as possible.


To the 69 poets who offered to send their book to another randomly selected poet in exchange for receiving a book from another randomly selected participant in the Poetry Super Highway’s 14th Annual Great Poetry Exchange.

We’ve heard from 50 of the 70 poets who participated that their books have been mailed. The deadline to send your book, if you participated, is this Monday, March 10th. If you didn’t receive the email letting you know where to send your book, please send us a note and we’ll resend it.

Books Pledged This Year:

Across Stones Of Bad Dreams by Zvi A. Sesling
Chapbook of eclectic collection of poems 37 pages and published by Cervena Barva Press.  

Art Farm by Jean Colonomos
A chapbook upending famous artists like Da Vinci, David Hockney, Georgia O’Keefe.  Also a few poems about the genius choreographer, Martha Graham with whom I danced.  The poems were mostly written with my tongue in my cheek.

Beautiful Rush by Marc Vincenz
“With Beautiful Rush, [Marc Vincenz] has achieved what ‘seems like immortality.’ Beautiful Rush is a unique creation, a daring and gorgeously realized work.  At times oracular, always spectacular, the beautiful words in Beautiful Rush will long resonate inside readers’ minds.” – Kimberly L.  Becker

Being Frank with Anne by Phyllis Johnson
Poetic interpretation of Anne Frank’s diary. Has been read and reviewed by Anne’s cousin. Buddy Elias.

Beyond the Threshold by Francina  Hartstra
The collection emerged from the thought that every person makes choices or needs to make choices in life without really knowing the consequences. The poems are written independently but arranged in such manner that this thought became a red thread throughout the book.

Blue Longing by Bozena Helena Mazur-Nowak
There are some lovely soft evocative poems in this book with a romantic feel to them that I very much enjoyed reading as a well. All in all it is a beautiful presentation of poetry that just makes you want to keep turning the pages to read more.

The Brubury Tales (Illustrated Edition) by Frank Mundo
An ambitious homage, The Brubury Tales takes Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales to Los Angeles just after the 1992 riots, where seven security guards on the graveyard shift swap tales in an impromptu storytelling competition for Christmas vacation time. Written entirely in rhyming verse, the tales are poetic updates of classic stories.

Bindle Stick by Donna Pecore
Bindle Stick is my poetic journey, a little bit of me thrown into the sack as I wonder and wander through life. Meet me on this trip, but don’t expect a static experience. I am full of ____ and surprises.

Close Encounters by Elizabeth Marchitti
A group of poems about close encounters of various kinds: birds, nature, people. No. 1 is about meeting Santa Claus (or so it would seem) on the elevator.

Codeswitch: Fires from Mi Corazon by Iris De Anda
100+ page poetry book divided into 4 chambers (chapters) Rage, Love, Revolution, Evolution. A book about Transformation: Personal, Social, & Global.

Cowboy Rhymes and Dreams of Other Times by Elaine Smith
A compilation of six cowboy poets, including Elaine Smith the publisher, with wonderful voices both young and old. Original photos add character and full color pages give this book its great ambiance of old west lore.

The Day The Earth Shook by Susan Anderson
The book is an emotional collection of poems and drawings that help us understand and know the suffering of the Haitian people and the challenges of everyday life, especially after the Jan.10,2010 earthquake. The author has traveled to Thiotte, Haiti as part of teaching and medical missions.

Deconstructed Piano by Barbara Phillips
Musings on the lure, persuasion, seduction, and consequences of living in the presence of the music played in this world and in extraterrestial realms

…details… by Valeri Beers
Published by Thomas Hill Publishing – This is Valeri Beers debut poetry book. These poems and haikus are about lust, love, love lost and longing (not always in that order). These poems are short and accessible. I hope you like my words :)

Divine Comedy by Ron  Kolm
The poet Hal Sirowitz says: Ron Kolm’s Divine Comedy is…more Stones than Beatles, more Joyce than Steinbeck, Kolm uses words like bullets, images as bombs. But this is not a book of despair; it’s a fervent belief that you can write yourself out of a nightmare.

Escaped Without Injury by Carol Clark Williams
Escaped Without Injury is a 36-page anthology detailing the author’s observations on relationships of every kind:  family,spiritual and poetic, presented largely through metaphor. Many of the poems were previously published online and in print journals such as Mad Poets’ Review, Fledgling Rag,Byline,Poem Home, Margie and Megaera.

Eve’s Venom by Mike Jurkovic
A collection of true stories…almost.

Fallow Field by Scott Edward Anderson
Scott Edward Anderson brings to life on the page his deep engagement with the natural world — and our human relationship with each other and our impact on the Earth — in poetry that is both accessible and intellectually stimulating. Anderson demonstrates the precision and range of his poetic vision.

Fleeing Back by Pat Hanahoe-Dosch
Published by FutureCycle Press, this book of poems is about journeys, personal, political, and global: includes poems about travel,family and tragedy.

Fresh Ink VI An anthology of poets by Ellen Levin and others
This book is a poetry anthology. I have 6 poems in here, about my cat, my parents and my spirit. The other poets are very spirited and full of life and humor. I write out of an inner calling. We are from Northern California, the Bay Area mostly.

The Gettysburg Undress by Rick Lupert
Rick’s 16th book, published by Hollywood’s RothCo Press – A poetic travelogue through the cradle of the Civil War, Gettysburg, Washington, DC, Richmond, VA, Fredericksburg, VA and Baltimore, MD.

A Hint of a Smile by Birgit Talmon
A Hint of a Smile is a collection of 38 individual poems presenting fairly unorthodox sharp-eyed and at time humorous approaches to events in life.

Hitchhiking With the Guilty by Jerry Garcia
“Indeed, much of Hitchhiking With the Guilty concerns itself with Hollywood, or better yet, with Hollywood as representative of Los Angeles ore best of all, with Hollywood as representative of America”  — Douglas Richardson

Hold Still Please by Tina Huerta
Love poems from a wizened feminist perspective coupled with black and white photographed skinscapes. This collection is a journey of vulnerability, breath and culpability. Tina allows us to linger, ponder and consider; each other, ourselves and how we assess our relationships, and our choices.

The Home Atlas by David Feela
These are poems I would like to send into space for other beings to decode because they reveal with a gentle touch and considerable intelligence a lot about who we are and where we are going.”—Leslie Ullman, author of Dreams by No One’s Daughter.

How Quickly What’s Passing Goes Past by Lowell  Jaeger
How Quickly What’s Passing Goes Past is a collection of poems set in the Midwest during the Cold War era — a mixed time of innocence and dread. The poems are often humorous but always honest in portraying the complexity of 1950s – 1960s small town boyhood.

I Didn’t Know Mani Was A Conceptualist  by Desmond  Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé
Named one of 2014’s Top Art Picks in Today Online, art correspondent Mayo Uno Martin calls Desmond “one of the best experimental voices in Singapore poetry”, with this poetry collection “packed with allusions”, and “anyone who stays for the ride is rewarded with an immensely satisfying (and often funny) read”.

I, Poetic Confessions, II by Curtis Smith
Curtis opens up more than ever and allows us to explore his inner being.  “I,” is an intimate collection of therapeutic journal excerpts and poetic confessions that speaks truths covered in a range of emotions while holding self and others accountable for their roles in the act of simply living.

Juggling Fire, Blindfolded by Eric Evans
Evans’ book deals with the loss of old love and the welcoming in of the new. These are not divorce poems, per say, as they lack any such distasteful bitterness. Rather, with allusive nods to great music and film, they embrace the more complicated truths of the matter.

Just As I Am by Bhisma Upreti
It’s a book of selected and new poems. Poems about love, about the sea, about the mountain and lives in the mountain, general feelings and poems written during Himalayan treks are included in the book.

Kicking The Dog At Feeding Time by Daniel Irwin
A hodgepodge of my more ‘out of the ordinary’ work.  Bawdy, irreverent, boring, merry, dreary, sick, humorous, non-humorous, sick (wait…I did that one).  Some rhyme, some blank verse, meter be damned.

Land Breathing Deep After Rain by Neil Meili
Poetry chap book

The Land That Fills My Dreams by Mindy Barad
This is my book of poetry with Israel and Biblical themes (inter alia).

Lost Among the Hours by Alan Britt
Poetry both domestic and humanitarian

The Loveliest Vein of Our Lives by Neil Leadbeater
The book is a poetical journey round Brazil through both rural and urban landscapes. It summons up the flora, fauna, people and places of Brazil. Each poem stands on its own but together they offer a sharp evocation of a country.

Miss Unthinkable by Pamela Miller
“Miller has fun with her poems and comes up with the wackiest juxtapositions, liveliest language and wildest similes I’ve ever heard. Reading [her work] is like eating Pop Rocks with a champagne chaser. And there’s no headache–just a hangover of sheer wonder.” –Kathleen Kirk, RHINO Magazine

The News Factory by Matthew Abuelo
The last book by Matthew Abuelo focuses on the quickly disappearing New York which is being white washed by gentrification. Most of the poems and short stories focuses on specific tenants of an SRO building along with some homeless people who once found the American dream and lost it.

November by Liz Minette
24-page chapbook of poems I wrote over the last 20 years.  Focusing on animals, nature, work and driving.

Poems in Water by Mary Langer Thompson
Published by Green Fuse Poetic Arts, this is Mary Langer Thompson’s debut poetry collection of forty poems about memory, loss, and every day humor and wonder. “…a baptism of pure words,” says Detroit poet, Dawn McDuffie.

Poetry of Hospitals and Waiting Rooms by Shirley Bell
This book was written during the time Shirley’s husband was waiting for bypass surgery; the poems were written as events unfolded. It is also a love story.

Pointed Sentences by Bill Yarrow
James Robison: “Read these poems slowly to become acquainted with the audacity, the charm, the play, and delights in the work of a major American artist. There isn’t a lazy or ordinary utterance within, but everything feels as natural as grass and sun. A truly great book of poetry.”

Progress: A book of Poems by Victor C. Vosen
An experiment in singular rambling form, both tight and flexible with definite beginning and end while reciprocal and repetitive to the non-local points both during and in the ending, which becomes the beginning for a new poem, and anywhere in between.  Hopefully inspiring.

Rabbit Punch! by Greg Santos
With punchy poems that are intimate, dark, enigmatic, playful, and surreal, peppered with pop culture figures ranging from Batman, to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Paris Hilton to “Macho Man” Randy Savage, Rabbit Punch! delivers a poetic KO.

The Rectangle, People by Don Kingfisher Campbell
20 poems composed between August 2014 and February 2015 with titles like Breakfast In The Classroom; Commuter; I Could Live In A Supermarket; Life Of Deaths; Meta Four; Our Coming Vacation; Paint The Leaves; Part O’ The Park; Sit; Whole Grain Jungle; and You’re An Amusement Park, Baby.

Return to Waking Life by David Chorlton
A collection of poems, published by Main Street Rag Publications in 2004. A little of Arizona, a little of Europe, plus a dose of nostalgia.

Running Down Broken Cement by Nancy Scott
Narrative poems inspired by two decades as a caseworker for the State of New Jersey where I assisted homeless families, abused and foster children, and those with mental health issues, disabilities, and/or AIDS. Heroic stories of survival in the midst of chaos.

The Secrets of Falling by LaDonna Witmer
The Secrets of Falling is a collection of poems that chronicle a woman’s fall from grace, her climb back up, and everyone she meets on the long way down.

Siempre es Nuevo El Amor (Love is new ever) by Daniel de Culla
It’a a book making the flowers of Poetry and Prose grove, and that’s beautiful

The Sky Needs More Work by Corey Mesler
A book that adjoins sex, love and social connection in their many manifestations, from meditations on The Beatles, death, pharmacology, and infidelity, to “the holycow feeling/of just being human and/satisfied like a goddamn poem.”

Squinting Over Water by Mary Kennedy Eastham
One early reader said she would walk across continents to get to this book. These whimsical poetic stories transformed her, made her believe once again in the true beauty and playfulness of life.

Steaming a Head by F.J. Bergmann
Weird, mostly speculative poems published in a bunch of literary journals that should have known better.

Surrendering to Transcendence by Kelly Giles
The conclusion of an epic poetic trilogy, “surrendering to transcendence” explores and deepens such themes as the universality of trauma, and the quest for authenticity, emotional nakedness and the stillness at the heart of chaos, themes first explored in “swimming in a thunderstorm”, and developed further in “surfing the tsunami”.

Tango Nights Stanley Barkan
Poetry inspired by a my wife and I dancing the tango at the Bar Sur in San Telmo, Buenos Aires. Published by The Feral Press of Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York, 2014.

10 Stories Down by Vincent Golphin
The poetry collection 10 Stories Down reflects upon the writer’s experiences  and daily life in China. The author spent six months in the country for each of three consecutive years, 2009 to 2012.

Terra Treblinka by Hanoch Guy
These are fierce and heartbreaking poems bristling with passion and rage. In their specificity these poems demonstrate what it means to keep the legacy of the Holocaust alive. Laura S. Levitt Professor of Religion, Jewish Studies and Gender.

Thawed Stars by Alice Pero
Alice Pero, poet & flutist is widely published in magazines & anthologies. Her first book of poetry, “Thawed Stars,” was hailed by Kenneth Koch as having “clarity and surprises”. She founded the reading series, Moonday. Pero is a poet/teacher since 1991 and member of California Poets in the Schools.

Testament: A Poetic Journey Thru the Cycles of Life Bobbi Rudin
This book includes a series of poems split into 6 sections: Pre-Cognition, Creation, Eden’s Seasons, Separation, Reunification, and Post-Cognition. The poems in each section align with the theme of that section and flow into the sections that follow them in a poetic story-like way.

Things That Go Bump in the Night by Elmae Passineau
Each poem in the book has a bit of an “edge” to it, a hint about death, ghosts, spirits, eternity, the unknown, or the supernatural.

Thinking Outloud by Melvin Howard
The author presents Observations and thoughts justifying the importance of self identity, love, family and spirituality. Thinking Outloud is a poignant and candid illustration challenging readers to think more introspectively of common issues people are face with each day.

The Torchbearer by David Turow
Comprised of 2 cycles, A History of Love and The Priest; mostly traditional romantic poetry

Upturned Daisies by Rosalind Lee
A small smattering of Daisies in a lifetime seen sideways…Now I have got to go put it together…

The Vast Unknowing by Nancy Shiffrin
The Vast Unknowing, poems of the creative life, collects poems written between 1967 and 2012. Nature, neighborhood, family, Jewish identity in a culturally diverse world, education travel, Sept 11, 2001, aesthetics, a woman’s spiritual evolution.

Victory Through Song by Mike Finley
Late poems of Minnesota poet and Kerouac Award-winner Mike Finley. Mike combines whimsy and peculiar colloquialisms to prompt profound milk-shooting-out-your-nose epiphanies. Includes such hits as “Rapid Decomposition,” “Giant Eyeball,” and “Face to Face with a Bear.”

View From a River Cottage by Thomas Welby Cox
This book of poetry contains two rather long narrative poems (Du Fu),  and “The Final Ride of Prince Conley which is the true story of a once great race horse saved from a tragic accident on the freeway. Additionally, there are several little poems which I have written.

The Virtual Tablet of Irma Tre by Marie Lecrivani
The Virtual Tablet of Irma Tre explores the correlation between poetry and alchemy through a series of alphabetized poetic vignettes, and evocative photography.

Waiting To Say Amen by R S Carlson
Journeys with family and friends through Alzheimer’s, Cancer, and spiritual quest.

What Comes Next by James  Keane
“What Comes Next” is my chapbook of 19 poems published by Finishing Line Press. It contains poems that I hope will touch, in some way, the living humanity of anyone who reads them. And will not waste their time.

The Wingback Chair Joan Colby
The Wingback Chair, Colby’s fourteenth volume of poetry, contains new poems that illustrate significant moments in her life as well as the inexorable progression of her poetry. The subjects range from the personal elements of the title poem to the historical, social, and cultural interweavings of the textile poems.

Wired and Other Poems by Angela Consolo Mankiewicz
WIRED is a 28 page chapbook of poems on the usual topics:  love, loss, death, sex, the state of society. It includes several illustrations by artist Wanda Blake.