Poetry Super Highway Great Poetry Exchange


The mission of the Poetry Super Highway is to expose as many people to as many other people’s poetry as possible.


Send a book – Get a book. In February 2017, the Poetry Super Highway will coordinate a great free exchange of poetry publications amongst poets worldwide.

It’s not a contest. There are no judges, entry fees, winners, or losers.

Last year 85 poets participated both sending their book and receiving another poet’s book from a randomly selected other participant

By agreeing to participate, someone will be exposed to your poetry, and you will be exposed to someone elses poetry.


To participate you must volunteer to mail one copy of one poetry book that you have written to one other person participating. Just one book. In exchange, you will receive in the mail one copy of one poetry book written by a different participating poet.

Please note it is a circular exchange. You will be sending your book to a different poet than you will be receiving one from.

E-books are not eligible for the Great Poetry Exchange. (Though we will have an e-book exchange later in the year.) Your book must be a physical entity. Even if it’s self published, or ‘one of one’ that you printed from your computer and stapled together…but please, no e-books.

In early March, we will randomly assign the books to each participant and email to you the name and address of the person you are supposed to send your book to.

We will also list your book and description on this web page along with the link to your website for all to see. In addition we will list the new books in our weekly e-mailed update which goes out to thousands of people.

Please note, as the Great Poetry Exchange is open to everyone on planet Earth, it’s possible that you will be required to send your book to someone outside of your own country which will, of course cost you more in postage than it would to send it domestically.

Also. we’ll ask that you send us an e-mail in March once your book has actually been sent so we can keep track and make sure that all participants who send a book also get one.

You also must agree to send out your book within 2 weeks of being notified of who to send your book to.

To submit your book, please go to our

Books Pledged So Far:

8th & Agony by Rich Ferguson
Poetry and prose that utilizes a contemporary lyricism and musicality to approach its subject matter. 8th & Agony cruises down open roads, through dark alleys, and head on into vibrant sunsets shining down on boulevards of dreams both broken and healed.

10 Stories Down by Vincent  Golphin 
The collection are poems drawn from daily encounters and observations from 2008 to 2012 in Beijing, capital of the People’s Republic of China. I approached the unfamiliar with the eyes and heart of an eager child. The result allows readers to look at life from a different vantage.

Alternatives To Silence by Ivan Klein
Alternatives To Silence is an eclectic mix of individual experience and historical/mythological subjects in a variety of styles. Characterized, I hope, by a seriousness of purpose and a relative faintness of an ideational self.

Average Bears by LB Sedlacek
These poems are all about the average: insomnia, speaking southern, ex-boyfriends, the middle class, trying to make a living as a musician, high school field trips, and more.

Baggage Claim by Perie Longo 
Poetry that embraces who and what to claim for keeps and what to let go. Subjects include early family memories, those that hang up at Security Check, travels, death of a husband, and young grandchildren.

Beasts in Our Midst by Michael Estabrook
Michael Estabrook poems in cahoots with Wayne Hogan’s fantastical drawings forming a modern Bestiary of sorts a mélange of real and mythological creatures some living some extinct some perhaps only in our imaginations.

Beyond Perspective by John Rowe
A chapbook of 26 poems published by Finishing Line Press (2015). Moments, encounters, explorations, journeys in the realms of dreams and the waking life, real and imagined states of being — with some magic and transformation along the way.

Border Line Poetry by D.W. Metz 
lines divide us, / with lines they / try to define us; / inspected at / the border, / lines blur.

Box of Surprises by Terez Peipins
“The universal longing for a place in the world is perfectly captured in these stunning, deftly crafted poems. Peipins takes us to the ancient spired of Riga, and the medieval towns of Spain, but beyond that, always to the places in our hearts.” Jill Adams, Editor of The Barcelona Review.

Carnival by Joan Colby
CARNIVAL unleashes a vibrant and revolutionary spirit in poems that favor a skewed vision: sometimes effervescent, often dark.

The collector of moments by Jay Arr 
In this pamphlet Jay explores real and imaginary, private and public, past, present and future moments, writing about: the synchronicity of a Caravaggio and the TV news, a personal sanguine moment, an incident from Jamaica Inn, conversations with an artist and a Bo tree, concluding with what will persist.

Diary of an Open Mind by Gregory Bryant
This book was written in 2006.  It is my third book and a compilation of different feelings. From a disgruntled employee to tributes to 2 singing icons.  Also view of death and 2 scenarios of soulmates.

Do your chores, love dad by Larry Burns
This is a companion piece to an art exhibit of the same title. It appeared as part of a two month summer series of mini-exhibitions at the Riverside Art Museum.21 poems published using Createspace.

Doll God by Luanne Castle
Winner of the 2015 New Mexico-Arizona Book Award, Luanne Castle’s poetry collection, Doll God, studies traces of the spirit world in human-made and natural objects–a doll, a tree, a hummingbird. Her exploration leads the reader between the twin poles of nature and creations of the imagination.

encricled by John Reinhart 
This collection focuses on the people who encircle the author – the people who circle us all – family, friends, coworkers, neighbors.

Escaped Without Injury by Carol Clark Williams 
Escaped without Injury is a 36 page chapbook celebrating the mysteries of an ordinary life: relationships, social issues, the myths through which we recognize ourselves as part of a greater pattern. It is a mix of formal and free verse by an author who is in love with poetry.

Finding Compass by Carolyn Martin 
From Maui to Mozart, baseball fields to biblical figures, Finding Compass revels in craft, humor, and musicality. These 46 poems will make you long and laugh and trust the powers that move the compass needle.

Fragments of Other Worlds by Russ Golata
A look at life’s great mysteries without any real answers. Looking at the human condition with a comical twist.

Gambling in Macáu by Stanley Barkan
This is a chapbook of one of the 38 poems I wrote while sailing the Yangtze river; specifically derived from a stopover in Macáu. It is printed in both English and Chinese translation (the latter by Zhao Si). Published by The Feral Press of Oyster Bay, Long Island, 2017.

God Bless Paul by CLS Ferguson
The Apostle Paul focused on the concept of love and how God intended this concept to be felt and expressed. Though I, as all people, have fallen short of this intention time and time again, the expression and encapsulation of my attempts is a piece of my process.

The Golden Swan by Seshendra Sharma 
This is about sanskrit poetry and poets.

The Heart is a Nursery For Hope by Elaine Reardon
short poems. Nothing over one page long. Can be viewed at website along with some poetry, or at amazon.

I Dream of Empathy by Marianne Szlyk 
Marianne Szlyk’s poetry chapbook, I Dream of Empathy, revolves around the themes of empathy for the earth, other people (including her mother and her first husband), and even herself.

I, Poetic Confessions, II by Curtis Smith
Poet, Curtis R. Smith takes us deeper into the heart, mind, and soul of his inner-being to allow us to explore his private, more vulnerable side. This book is a collection of poetry, short stories and pictures that speak truths covered in a wide range of emotions.

The Instrumentality of Communication: Poems and Other Oddities by Don Bellinger
These poems were born on the wrong side of the blanket. The act of creation all a blur. The instant they were born, they became something different. With that, I love them even more. Each time I visit them, they give me a new name.

Invented! part 1 by Rosalind J Lee 
Invented! Part 1, is spiral bound, & contains half of the poetry book, Invented! It’s a 72 font, fun! Great for reading aloud, & standing way back from the page! Is not on sale now. Please hand over to a centre/hospital for the Blind, when you have finished reading it.

Juggling Fire, Blindfolded by Eric Evans 
Evans’ book deals with the loss of old love and the welcoming in of the new. These are not divorce poems, per say, as they lack any such distasteful bitterness. Rather, with allusive nods to great music and film, they embrace the more complicated truths of the matter.

Jupiter Works on Commission by Jack Phillips Lowe 
Narrative poems about the comedy and drama found in working, and not working, in America today.

Just Now: 20 Portland Poets by Shelley Peters 
An anthology by Portland poets Ken Arnold, Ann Frances Dudley, Carol Ellis, Beth Ford, Jane Greenbaum, Stella Jeng Guillory, Dan Hannon, Oz Hopkins Koglin, Lois Leveen, Shelley Peters, Tiah Lindner Raphael, Karen Reyes, Caitlin Scott, Michael Selker, Leah Stenson, Barbara Surovell, Allison Tobey and Lisa Wible, edited by Peter Sears.

Kuan Yin: Flowers For Change by Beate Sigriddaughter 
Kuan Yin: Flowers For Change is a collection of poetic reflections gathered during one hundred days spent contemplating Kuan Yin, goddess of compassion and mercy.

Laughing With the Moon by Cona Faye Gregory-Adams
A hardbound book of varied styles of poetry and short prose, with delightful color illustrations by Aimee Wegescheide. 159 pages, signed copy

Lone Stars Poetry Magazine edited by Milo Armstrong
LONE STARS Magazine 25-30 pages of Contemporary Poets and Poetry. Published thrice a year.

Marriage and Other Leaps of Faith by Jeanie Greensfelder 
Marriage and Other Leaps of Faith, (Penciled In, 2015) displays universal aspects of marriage and an exploration of this human journey in other life leaps. Candid and amusing. 85 pages. Reviews on Amazon.

Mein Krap by Daniel Irwin
Book of poetry…some serious, some humorous, some somewhat irreverent. 52 pages, perfect bound.

The News Factory by Matthew Abuelo
The News Factory is collection of stories of some of New York City’s most brilliant personalities, people who will never be in feature films or hit the pop charts but who are brilliant, with wonderful ideas, artistic talents, story tellers, musicians and so on.

Opaque Melodies that Would Bug Most People by Corey Mesler
Opaque Melodies That Would Bug Most People will bug you with delight and a new, profound way of seeing the world.–Tim Suermondt

Paperlight by Claudia McGhee
Anticipation suspended in the moment before the first kiss. A mother singing to her unborn child. Lovemaking. A child exploring a playground. The aftermath of an argument. The poems in Claudia McGhee’s Paperlight invite you into the everyday connections that form, exist, and dissolve between parent and child, lovers, friends.

Poems in Water by Mary Langer Thompson 
Poems in Water (Green Fuse Poetic Arts, Loveland Colorado) is the first collection of 40 poems by Mary Langer Thompson, Senior Poet Laureate of California, 2012. It contains accessible poems of the ordinary and extraordinary. The cover art is by June Langer, the poet’s mother who began painting at 80.

Quietude by Joanne Olivieri 
Experience a poetic journey through life and love from the city by the bay to the streets of Hong Kong and back. Quietude speaks to cultural diversity with a focus on peace and tranquility. The connection between music and nature provides a melodic read through this collection of poetry.

Romancing the Blarney Stone by Rick Lupert
The poet’s experience in Ireland, Rick Lupert’s 19th book of poetry – “Funny, observant and comforting, “Romancing the Blarney Stone” is a fine read from one of my favorite poets.” ~ Amber Tamblyn, author and Actress.

Sailing the Salish Sea by Ruth Hill
A home-printed chapbook of 40 poems and 10 colored photos of a sailing adventure on the west coast of British Columbia, this celebration of nature and human spirit is sure to delight. This is a well-presented 3-ring binder with author notes and a map.

The Secrets of Falling by LaDonna Witmer 
A collection of poems that chronicle a woman’s fall from grace, her climb back up, and everyone she meets on the long way down. Designed by artist Kathy Azada and featuring the photography of Patti Monaghen.

The Silence of Sleighs by Neil Meili
The sound between the notes, and Neil’s multi-interested views on life

Sparrow by Kelsi Rose
Sparrow is an adventurous statement in poetic style -and in life resolution- that anchors us in humanity and encourages our relationships with wildflowers and daydreams. It is based in the gained knowledge of our experiences and it changes our world for the better.

Terra Treblinka: Holocaust Poems by Hanoch Guy
“These are fierce and heartbreaking poems. Bristling with passion and rage.In their specificity these poems what it demonstrate what it means to keep the legacy of the Holocaust alive in the present.” Laura Levitt, Professor of Religion,Jewish studies and gender,Temple University

Thawed Stars by Alice Pero
Alice Pero, poet and flutist is widely published in magazines & anthologies. Her first book of poetry, Thawed Stars, was hailed by Kenneth Koch as having “clarity and surprises.” She founded the reading series, Moonday in 2002. Pero is a poet/teacher since 1991 and founder of chamber music group, “Windsong.”

What if the Sky Falls? by Bhisma Upreti 
Altogether 31 poems of various theme and context including love, social phenomena, nature etc have been included in the book. Poems are originally written in Nepali. Later, they are translated into English. So, the readers can get the Nepali test in the poem.

Who Will Love the Crow by Miriam Dunn 
Dunn’s poetry is described as elemental, traditionally-inspired and cerebral, concise and beautiful. Their gorgeous themes and imagery are elegantly packaged into a readable contemporary form that hearkens also back to romanticists… rife with sensuality and tension.

The Worcester Fragments by Neil Leadbeater
A collection of 25 poems set in the county of Worcestershire, England. These are predominantly rural poems with cultural, literary and sporting connections. Some use is made of Old Worcestershire words but a glossary is included which explains their meanings.

Words of Power, Dances of Freedom by Jon Wesick
This new collection of the 116 poems reveals the insight, wit, and wisdom of one of our most widely published and respected poets. A fixture in the poetry landscape of San Diego for two decades, Jon Wesick shows why audiences have been smiling, laughing, and cringing with him.