Poetry Super Highway Great Poetry Exchange


The mission of the Poetry Super Highway is to expose as many people to as many other people’s poetry as possible.


To the 85 poets who offered to send their book to another randomly selected poet in exchange for receiving a book from another randomly selected participant in the Poetry Super Highway’s 15th Annual Great Poetry Exchange.

We’ve contacted all participants with the details of who to send your book to. Thanks in advance for sending your book out within 2 weeks from receiving that e-mail and for notifying us via e-mail when you’ve sent it. If you didn’t get that email, please send us an email and let us know!

Look for the 15th annual Great Poetry Exchange in February, 2017

Books Pledged This Year:

Across Stones of Bad Dreams by Zvi A. Sesling
Chapbook of eclectic and surreal poetry.

After Ninety by Susan Rosenberg
“After Ninety” is a thin volume of 48 pages, self published in time for my 91st birthday. The book is divided into four sections: 1) From The Perspective of Being Ninety, 2) Poems From My Bed, 3) Flashbacks, 4)Other Thoughts and Other People

Another Song for Another Eden by Mike Scheidemann
These poems were born from my experiences in Zimbabwe, South Africa and on an agricultural farm in northern Israel. The emphasis is on the beauty of our language.

Another Word by David Chorlton
A chapbook from the years between the Berlin Wall coming down and the early 1990s invasion of Iraq. Not nostalgia!

Beasts in Our Midst by Michael Estabrook
My poems in cahoots with Wayne Hogan’s fantastical drawings together a modern Bestiary of sorts a mélange of real and mythological creatures some living some extinct some perhaps only in our imaginations.

Beat Attitude by John Burroughs
Beat Attitude will pulse in your hand; you can feel the beat in poems that range from the two-lined “Baloney” to the two-paged “In Due Season.” The book is 32 pages long and contains 23 poems, many of which make specific references to Beat poets, music, or poetry.

behind the glass by Shirley Bell
An eclectic mix of poetry and art works, published in 2013 by Shirley Bell’s redplantpress as part of her MA course in Creative Writing at the University of Lincoln, UK.

Benediction for a Black Swan by Mimi Zollars
In Benediction for a Black Swan, Mimi Zollars explores the topics of childhood, children, marriage and divorce, alcoholism, and the sensual world in a series of edgy, seductive, irreverent, and ethereal poems.

Beyond Perspective by John Rowe
A chapbook of 26 poems published by Finishing Line Press (2015). Moments, encounters, explorations, journeys in the realms of dreams and the waking life, real and imagined states of being — with some magic and transformation along the way.

Born To Electrify by Raquel Reyes-Lopez
Raquel Reyes-Lopez’s debut poetry chapbook, “Born To Electrify” was published with Sadie Girl Press based in Long Beach, CA. Born to Electrify is a collection of 30 poems. Each poem speaks of womanhood from family, love, and the loss miscarriage.

bouncing a thought by Birgit Talmon
“bouncing a thought” is a collection of 39 word sonnets. In essence, it is a fourteen line poem, with one word set for each line. In some respects the form attempts to season the traditional Western European verse with the Far Eastern flavour of a minimalist haiku.

The Brubury Tales (Illustrated Edition) by Frank Mundo
An ambitious homage to Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, The Brubury Tales takes Chaucer’s story and frame to Los Angeles just after the riots in 1992, where seven security guards on the graveyard shift swap tales in an impromptu storytelling competition for Christmas vacation time.

Cities of the mind by Jay Arr
Humankind’s largest construct, cities are where more than half the planet’s population now live.  Here are conjured past, present and future cites; real alongside imaginary. As metaphors for theories, news, myths, relationships and everyday events the cities brought to mind are here because this is where they have always existed.

Contagion, Vol 1 in the Suborned by Rhyme series by Roger Straight
First Journal of an unexpected literary journey documenting an unforeseen rhyming infection containing multiple daily sonnets on living, walking, and nature experiences leavened by longer pieces of Hero statements, World Cup rants, Philosophical Musings, Employment and People Observations, VietNam and Garage Clearing multi-poem memories, finishing with a vilified Soup Recipe.

The Cowardice of Amnesia by Ellyn Maybe
My first full-length collection, beautiful cover by Viggo Mortensen.  Published by Henry Rollins (2.13.61 Publications)

The Day The Earth Shook by Susan Anderson
A book of original poetry and artwork remembering the Haitian earthquake of 2010.  All proceeds will benefit the Health Ministries for Haiti and the Haiti Medical Mission of Wisconsin.

Dialogues by Gayle Bell
Dialogues explores themes of love, loss, retribution, shame, survival and other human concerns. Trigger Warnings; This chapbook has depictions of sex work, drug abuse,and child/ spousal abuse issues.

Echoes: Reflections Through Poetry and Verse by Dean K Miller
Deep within us are places we avoid, wellsprings of despondency and tenderness. Tangled among suffering, happiness, confusion, and love, a voice silently waits. Negotiating a labyrinth of emotions, Miller’s poetry articulates the echoes of life’s diversity.

encircled by John  Reinhart
“encircled” is a 52 page chapbook focused on the people who encircle me: my children, my wife, my friends, my students, my colleagues, and my neighbors. Published by Prolific Press.

Every Evening Deserves A Title by Carol Dorf
An artists chapbook with art by Terri Saul. – Nude as Simile / Like water pumped / from the well; / like a door in that pause / between open and closed.

Expressing Love through Haiku 5-7-5 by Lucio Muñoz
40 unpublished 5-7-5 Haikus with the theme Love

Extra Wind by Jim Babwe
21 poems. These include a lengthy one about an Orange County cowboy who disguises his herd as retired circus elephants and a shorter, poignant account of the day Wendy decided it was all over with Casper.

Fleeing Back by Pat Hanahoe-Dosch
FLEEING BACK chronicles travels through landscapes of the world and the spirit. The poems reveal the sensual, sometimes dark, sometimes lush and exotic topography the poet moves through, embracing the choice to live life dangerously and passionately rather than according to the expectations of family, culture and time.

Fragments of Chance by Russ Golata
Have you ever wondered if you changed one thing in your journey you would change your final destination. These poems take a look at that idea in a very light hearted manner. 3rd book in the Fragments series.

Gone Hollywood by Laurence Overmire
Veteran actor/director/producer and poet Laurence Overmire takes us deep into the dark heart of the tinsel town world he knows very well, a world where pretense is a virtue, make believe is real, and money is a provocative plaything.

Hitchhikers in Mississippi, 1936 by Lennard Lund
Hitchhikers is a self-published, eclectic mix of poems originally written for the 2015 Lexington Poetry Month 30/30 event.

I Come from Cowboys… and Indians by Ron Wallace
2009 Oklahoma Writers Federation Best Book of Poetry Award winner. The book pays homage to my cowboy roots in section 1, my Native American roots in section 2, my blended family in 3 and Oklahoma in the last section.

I Dream of Empathy by Marianne Szlyk
Marianne Szlyk’s poetry chapbook, I Dream of Empathy, revolves around the themes of empathy for the earth, other people (including her mother and her first husband), and even herself.

In All These Naked Pictures Of Us by Victor Clevenger
In All These Naked Pictures Of Us is a poetic glimpse; it is a raw look; it is multiple mental snapshots developed in the corner of a darkroom from old and new pieces of Victor Clevenger’s mind.

In Transit: Poetry of People on the Move by Daniel Macfadyen
This Anthology of poetry from forty two poets is based on the theme of journey (of all types) and travel. Poems from the United States, Canada, and across the Oceans. Includes theme related photography. Border Town Press, 2014. 96 pages. Editor: Daniel MacFadyen, Cornwall, Ontario. No longer up and running.

Intrinsic Night by Gage & J. E. Stanley
Cinquains by two poets.

Juggling Fire, Blindfolded by Eric Evans
Evans’ book deals with the loss of old love and the welcoming in of the new. These are not divorce poems, per say, as they lack any such distasteful bitterness. Rather, with allusive nods to great music and film, they embrace the more complicated truths of the matter.

Just As I AM by Bhisma Upreti
The poems in this book is originally written in Nepali and later translated into English. The reader will get opportunity to understand and test the Nepali poems, its writing style, tradition and different test.

Listening to Night Whistles by Tina Hacker
Published by Aldrich Press, this book’s 60 poems explore ordinary life and the author’s Jewish experiences. One reviewer wrote, “A glance at the Table of Contents pulls you right in. Each chapter has been choreographed to perfection. Hacker masters details of imagery to illuminate places and people, memory and imagination.”

LONE STARS Poetry Magazine edited by Milo Rosebud
28 pages, 8 1/2″ x 11″, collection of Contemporary Poets and their Poetry. Publishing 25 years since 1991.

The Longest Pleasure by Vinita Agrawal
The title commemorates Byron’s classic lines”…and hate by far the longest pleasure.” The poems are born from the depths of life’s experiences, its travails, its meanderings and its conclusions. A collection of verses that are poignant and written from the heart.

The Loveliest Vein Of Our Lives by Neil Leadbeater
A poetic evocation of rural and urban life in modern-day Brazil.

Making Love to the 50 Ft. Woman by Rick Lupert
Rick’s 17th book, and first non-travel themed collection of poetry since 1997s I Am My Own Orange County.

Mitmensch by Corey Mesler
In this chapbook, Corey Mesler invokes the specter of a man known only as Mitmensch. Poem by poem, a variety of speakers construct a shadowy portrait of the man, artist, business man, demigod.

Murder Ballads: American Crime Poems by Mark Sebastian Jordan
Poems inspired by strange and haunting criminal cases from American History, from Cleveland’s Torso Killer to L.A.’s Black Dahlia. Persona poems from suspects and bystanders, and a storyteller’s meditation on a historical murder case he’s been researching for 20 years. Published by Poet’s Haven Press.

The News Factory by Matthew Abuelo
The News Factory is collection of stories of some of New York City’s most brilliant personalities, people who will never be in feature films or hit the pop charts but who are brilliant, with wonderful ideas, artistic talents, story tellers, musicians and so on.

Northern Compass Isobel Cunningham
An illustrated poetry book featuring poems about Montreal, Canada and San Miguel, Mexico, love poems and nature poems.

November by Liz Minette
Chapbook, 24 pages – poems about life in northern Minnesota.

Ocean Is My Name ( Long Poem) by Seshendra Sharma
This is the finest Long Poem of our times. Seshendra is crown prince of 20th Century Poetry

Once Again by Beverly Schellhaass
This is Beverly’s eighth collection of poems that she has self-published. Her poems are a blend of nature and ordinary every day people and events that invite introspection.

One Unique Woman’s Words  by Theresa Stuart
Poetry, prose and thoughts…One Unique Woman’s Words is a collection of uplifting, inspiring personal works. filled with insight, love, and romantic images. Offering you a glimpse into the human condition with subtlety and gentle thought. Hopefully igniting your own personal passion.

The Panoptikon by Steven Pody
An adventure of poetic thought upon the myriad realms of observable space, of walls, and of human perspective.

Pendle War Poetry Competition 2014  by Clint Hirschfield
Pendle War Poetry Competition 2014 selected poems from around the world

Poems in Water by Mary Langer Thompson
This is Mary Langer Thompson’s first published collection of poetry (Green Fuse Poetic Arts, Loveland Colorado). Poems consist of the ordinary mixing with the extraordinary.

Poet Loiterer by D.L. Lang
Poet Loiterer is 180 pages of new poetic nonsense by D.L. Lang comprised of protest poems, nature poetry, spiritual poems, and story poems.

Raisins with Almonds / Pàssuli cu mènnuli by Stanley H. Barkan
A bilingual (English-Sicilian) collection of poetry, translated into Sicilian by Marco Scalabrino of Trapani, Sicily, published by Legas, 2013. This collection is divided into two sections: the first, poems about
the Jewish heritage of the poet; the second, poems about his love of Sicily.

Rectangular Man Dream Horses by Don Kingfisher Campbell
Poems composed between June and December 2015 with titles like Hard Drive Soft Wear, In the Good Pharmacy, Little Boy at the Beach, Novim’s Nightmare Whistlestar, Rectangular Man, Semi-Automatic Suicide, The Skies Speak In Light, A pair of lips for the apocalypse, and Walk a Mile in Black Nike’s.

Returning Soldiers Speak: An Anthology of Prose and Poetry by Soldiers and Veterans by Leilani Squire
Stories and poetry written by the men and women who have served in the U.S. military, in all branches and from World War II to Vietnam to the Gulf War to Iraq. Edited by Leilani Squire.

Ribcage by Joan Colby
Poetry that focuses on the body and the mind.

Rivers Streams and Dreams by Doug  Steele
A chapbook collection of free verse and prose from 2014-2015. Much of it focusing on the majestic waterways of my Wisconsin.

Selkie Singing at the Passing Place by Sarah  Miller
A joint poetry collection by Sarah Miller and Melanie Rees published by Flapjack Press. “Rees and Miller depict our awkward, impossible world using believable voices that complement each other, summoning up lovers, relatives and totemic birds to capture the idiocy / wonder / terror of life.” – copland smith, poet

Sharon Tate and the Daughters of Joy by David Herrle
Aesthetics, art, beauty, atrocity, mortality and salvation are contextualized by the grisly dooms of Marie Antoinette, Mary Jane Kelly and Sharon Tate.

Signs by George Wicker
Inverse is my second book of poetry, published a few years ago by Arima Press in the UK. It’s an eclectic mix of metaphysical, nature and personal poetry, the latter centring around the illness (Alzheimers) and eventual death of my mother.

Sing to Me of My Rights by Henry Howard
A volume of human rights poetry, reflecting many of the subjects and issues dearest to me as an activist and person of conscience. The book is divided into themes of peace and justice, with a relevant photo to introduce each section.

The Sleep Talker by Lenny DellaRocca
Lenny DellaRocca gives us fabulously fabulist prose poems in The Sleep Talker, a chapbook of dreamy utterances, miniature philosophies, and shape-shifting epiphanies. DellaRocca is a poet of great intelligence, wit, and skill.  He does what every poet (and driver on wet roads) should do—he steers into the skid. –Denise Duhamel

Spy Techniques by LB Sedlacek
Ever wondered what it would be like to be a spy? It’s easier than you may think. Find tips and tools in these poems on becoming the best spy ever! Remember always keep your options open!

Squinting Over Water by Mary Kennedy Eastham
Poetic stories that threatened to hold me ransom…a Happy Reader!

Steaming A Head by F.J. Bergmann
A chapbook of weird poems, all published in literary magazines that should have known better.

A Strange Summer by Chris Vannoy
A full length book of performance poetry.

Stone Poems by Don Cellini
Stepping stones, paving stones, Rolling Stones, crushed stone, building stone, gemstones, birthstone, healing stones, tombstone, millstone, whetstone, precious stones, kidney stones, gravestones, beach stones, massage stones, landscape stones, Stone Mountain, keystone, cornerstone, touchstone, grinding stones. Stones, is seems, are all around us.  And they are scattered through these poems, too.

Straying from the Path by Rie Sheridan Rose
A collection of 13 Fairy Tale poems illustrated by Donna Minshew.

Suburban Ambush by Ron  Kolm
“Ron Kolm, the preeminent underground historian of the human heart, mingles tenderness with visionary fire, frailty and fierce wit. Born too soon for the past, he makes his own way into a revolutionary present taking us along with him.” — Alan Kaufman, editor of the Outlaw Bible of American Poetry

Sunset at the Temple of Olives by Paul Suntup
Paul Suntup’s first collection of poetry.

10 Stories Down by Vincent F. A.  Golphin
The collection reflects a strong air of discovery about life and love in mainland China and transports the reader into the experience. The work is inspired by several long stays in Beijing during 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Tending by Laura Grace Weldon
“Laura Grace Weldon employs radical empathy to enter into the hidden lives of rutabaga, cows, the neighborhood bully, and the beating heart of life itself. Playful, curious, sensual, she aims to open the reader’s eyes and heart.” ~Alison Luterman

Thawed Stars by Alice Pero
Alice Pero, poet, flutist and former dancer is widely published in magazines and anthologies. Her first book of poetry, “Thawed Stars,” was hailed by Kenneth Koch as having “clarity and surprises.” She founded the reading series, Moonday. Pero is a poet/teacher since 1991 with CA Poets in the Schools.

Things I Learned the Hard Way by Esteban Colon
A full length collection of poetry that has been described by reviewers as “darkly humorous, romantically melancholy, deeply personal, and most of all, incredibly honest.”

Thirteen Love Poems and Twelve Songs of Despair by Beate Sigriddaughter
Poems of a woman loving a man in a patriarchally challenged world.

Traveling in Reflected Light by Andrena Zawinski
Traveling in Reflected Light from Pig Iron Press in Youngstown was Andrena Zawinski’s first full collection of poetry, winning a Kenneth Pathchen Prize and publication. “These poems are strongly imagistic and tightly rhythmical” (Len Roberts), “an articulate urbane sophisticated voice, they seethe with savvy and bristling ironic intelligence” (Lynne Emanuel).

Upturned Daisies by Rosalind J. Lee
When I started out working what I wanted to bring out in this set of poems I felt the need to bring in that moment when everything has gone wrong, and yet we are not finished. Not entirely…Balance: be as strong as upturned daisies. / Contains: Almost adult material.

The Vast Unknowing by Nancy Shiffrin
Poems of a woman’s creative life, nature, neighborhood, love, genocide, Romania, 9/11 and more.

The Virtual Tablet of Irma Tre by Marie Lecrivain
An abecedarian alchemical chapbook of poems and B & W photographs.

Watching  Birds Walk by Elizabeth Marchitti
Watching Birds Walk is a small book of poems published in Rhyme Time over the years.  The journal no longer exists, but I thank the editor, Linda Hutton, who retired it in order to do more of her own writing.  She is happily doing that in the state of Illinois.

What Lightning Brings by Katherine L. Gordon
A blend of myth, mystery and science. / The lightning of revelation in seasons / of life and nature: “a shake of wind,a slip of earth.”

What Trees Know by Sandra  Soli
Sandy’s second poetry chapbook, winner of an Oklahoma Book Award. Beautifully produced with gold leaf-detailed cover, this book is for collectors who savor both poems and design elements.

Where Spaces Glow by Christine Tipper
This poetry collection is a French-English bilingual edition of Canadian poet, Francis Catalano’s, poetry translated by Christine Tipper. Catalano’s poetry speaks of space, place and people. Geographical, geological, geometrical and ancestral textures create powerful North American landscapes. Feel the finely chiseled pieces of Catalano’s beautifully crafted poetic jigsaw.

Who Are We Then? by Ed Werstein
The poems in this book show us a society dividing further into haves and have nots. Ed’s thoughtful words, strong images and insightful questions step down off the soapbox and march with much music and gravity.  –excerpt from review by Bruce Dethlefsen, Wisconsin Poet Laureate.(from Partisan Press)

Who Asks the Caterpillar? by Jeanne Ellin
Subjects as diverse as Turkey sandwiches day time chat shows and Hindu and Greek mythology are used to explore  Anglo Indian Ellin’s sense of Indian identity. ‘Bone deep an elephant’s child’ @Home is a land whose texture my feet have forgotten’

With Fingers At the Tips of My Words by M. J. Arcangelini
Poems of nature, sex, society, love and community dissected, reconfigured and celebrated with sly humor, keen observation, and powerful passion. A revelation of gay sensibility through the poet’s delight in words and sound.

Zeal by Aneata O’Brien
Zeal is a truly original one of a kind handmade book. It is a small poetry book which includes s and poems and photographs. All photos and poems are my own personal creations. Poetry (and photos) that express the universal things hearts long to say…