Poetry Super Highway Great Poetry Exchange

The mission of the Poetry Super Highway is to expose as many people to as many other people’s poetry as possible.


To the 91 poets who offered to send their book to another randomly selected poet in exchange for receiving a book from another randomly selected participant in the Poetry Super Highway’s 18th Annual Great Poetry Exchange.

We’ve contacted all participants with the details of who to send your book to. Thanks in advance for sending your book out within 2 weeks from receiving that e-mail and for notifying us via e-mail when you’ve sent it. If you didn’t get that email, please send us an email and let us know!

Look for the 19th annual Great Poetry Exchange in February, 2019

Books Pledged This Year:

Alinea by Betsy Mars
From my publisher: “In Latin, ‘alinea’ means to begin anew – a paragraph, a line, a thought. In this body of poems, a woman must begin anew after much loss. She sits. She remembers. She ruminates on words and names…her Alinea is an intimate melody.”

Arson by John Reinhart
Arson is a stand-out collection of poems that explores the themes of light and enlightenment, heat and ignition, in varying ways. The cover is “Skeleton” by Kevin Eberhart.

Awakenings: Peace Dictionary, Language and the Mind by Kimberly Burnham
Awakenings: Peace dictionary, Language and the Mind is designed as a daily brain health meditation on the word for peace in different languages. Awakenings, by brain health expert and poet, Kimberly Burnham, is full of poetry, visualizations and exercises to stimulate memory, creativity and compassion.

The Balance by Ina Schroders-Zeeders
Ina Schroders-Zeeders explores life’s agonizing complexities in her new poetry collection, The Balance. With love and loss, loneliness and fulfillment to be experienced, often over the same incident, Ina beautifully paints emotions that are identifiable to all, in a way that provides peace and acceptance.

Beautiful Mistakes by Rick Lupert
Rick’s 22nd book – a collection of travel poems written while gallivanting around Seattle, Washington, Portland, Oregon, and Twin Peaks.

Bearer of The Caul by Ursula Jacobs
A self-published chapbook of poetry birthed from the exploits of traveling as a musician, the collateral damage of living life on planet earth and the healing beauty of solitude.

The Best of The Poetry Salon by Tresha Haefner
This collection contains work by new and established writers of The Poetry Salon. Among these are winners of the Niel Postman Award, Beyond Baroque Contest, Robert and Adele Schiff Prize, as well as poems written by first-time authors. Enjoy and learn from this exciting, eclectic collection.

Beyond the Threshold by Francina Hartstra
The collection emerged from the thought that every person makes choices or needs to make choices in life without really knowing the consequences. The poems are written independently but arranged in such manner that this thought became a red thread throughout the book.

Big. Fat. Holy. by Joe Blanda
The poems in Big. Fat. Holy. are a spiritual & philosophical summing up of my beliefs & concerns about myself, my family & friends, my planet. Elliptical & eclectic, they are the best way I know, besides the songs I write, to show I’m paying attention.

Blackbird by Laura Grace Weldon
These poems take on subjects unusual as pay disparity, cow pastures, rare disorders, and astrophysics. Beauty is revealed in what a reviewer calls “sacraments of the ordinary.” A portion of all book royalties will be donated to the Medina Raptor Center, a bird rescue and rehabilitation center in Ohio.

Blue Muse Rising by John Schulte
“Describing John’s poetry is about as easy as trying to catch a butterfly in your hands. The book is like opening a cocoon, so it’s no surprise that it rises to life when read. Genuine, darling, thrilling, this collection takes flight and flutters with feeling.” — Barbara Brooks Wallace

Born to Electrify by Raquel Campos
Raquel focuses in this debut chapbook to weave small ripples that resonate with love, motherhood, womanhood, fertility, and loss.

The Boxcar Bop by Tom Pescatore
The Boxcar Bop is a pastoral abstract jam

A Brave Unbodied Scheme by Richard Leach
Poems by Richard Leach inspired by Lebanese photographer Hanan Kazma’s photos, which are on facing pages in full color. Blues lyrics, an acrostic, metered and free verse. Some poems delicate, others humorous, others political. The book takes its title from the Herman Melville poem “Art.”

Breezes on their Way to Being Winds by Charles Peek
Finishing Line Press. 2016 Nebraska Book Award for Poetry.

The Bushido Jazz Tapes: Vol. One by Nicholas Abanavas
This collection of poems explores the essence of jazz music in a contextual approach that embraces the possible samurai view of the modern world.

A Catalogue of the Further Suns by F. J. Bergmann
Science-fiction poetry (yes, there is such a thing—check out sfpoetry.com). This collection of preliminary reports from first-contact expeditions won the 2017 Gold Line Press Poetry Chapbook Award and the 2018 SFPA Elgin Award.

Chameleon Moon: Poems by Antonia Clark
The poems in Chameleon Moon concern love, loss, and perseverance. They speak to a kind of blind faith that leads us through confusion and illogic toward reconciliation in a world that often cannot give us the answers we seek. A life settles into a pattern, knowledge into the bone.

A Change in the Weather by Ron Kolm
A Change in the Weather came out in its final edition in 2018. It’s published by Sensitive Skin Press. Some of the poems in it appeared in Live Mag!, Local Knowledge, Maintenant, White Rabbit, NYSAI press, The Brooklyn Rail, Home Planet News, Flapperhouse and the Resist Much, Obey Little anthology.

Club des Poètes by Kaye Abikhaled
Poems to delight the reader who is familiar with Paris as well as the traveler who explores this famous city for the first time.

Cocktails with a Dead Man by Joe Albanese
A collection of 74 poems, including 51 that have been previously published in various literary magazines around the world.

Conversations with Beethoven and Bach by Emily Vieweg
“Conversations with Beethoven and Bach, evokes an image of the poet who, deeply entrenched in the complexities of 21st century life as a mother, reaches across time to link with wit and grace her experiences with classical musicality.” ~~ Clifford Peterson, 2017, Taleamor Park Residency Director

The Crone at the Casino by Janet McCann
These are poems of becoming an old woman and experiencing a crone’s place in the world.

Don’t look for anything in my words by Carolyn Adams
A collection of ekphrastic poems including my own small paintings and collages that served as inspiration for the writings.

Dreamwalk by Ellen Sander
A healing and invigorating journey through nature, spirit, image and poetics from darkness to light.

During the Music by R Soos
500 poems to be taken in small doses.

Escaped Without Injury by Carol Clark Williams
Williams has been described as “poet of the everyday” as well as “wicked” and “fierce”. In her 35-page chapbook “Escaped Without Injury ” she employs myth and metaphor to comment on daily consequences of marriage, family relationships, social issues and faith.

Fishing Old Wives Lake by Neil Meili
Maybe you can go home again, If only to visit the parts of you that never left. This book will take you back to a childhood on the Canadian Prairies, and a few miles more.

Folk by Kimberly Bolton
Kimberly Bolton’s book of poems Folk illuminates one family’s experience during the Great Depression and World War II. Narrated by one of the “folk” in a small Missouri farming community, the poems take us on a journey into the American past.

Forever In Your Eyes by Sylvia Beverly
A potpourri of poems of love, appreciations and tributes dedicated to the late Dr. Maya Angelou.

Fragments of Yesterdays Past by Melissa Mendelson
Fragments of Yesterdays Past poetically whispers through the corridors of this broken world as we linger, struggling to capture a past now gone, memories abandoned, leaving us with mistakes that have torn us in two, and the cruel hands of circuitry steal away what makes us human.

Hen & God by Amber West
Tearing into ugliness to find beauty, tearing open the known to find mystery, Amber West’s muscular voice exposes our madness and looks for the cure. In persona poems from a dizzying array of characters, Hen & God is a portrait of life in America now, unflinching, loving and bold.

Her Heartsongs by Joan Colby
Poems from the perspective of women.

highway of sleeping towns by Deborah P Kolodji
My first full-length book of haiku and senryu, 15 years of my favorite published haiku and senryu. Winner of a Touchstone Distinguished Book Award by the Haiku Foundation.

Horses See Ghosts by Guinotte Wise
With poems about horses, dogs, bayou creatures, Nehi, Moonpies, jazz, bulls, birds, Leonard Peltier, and RC Cola, it’s all in here, the essentials. Horses do see ghosts. GW has watched them doing it.

I was walking in the universe. by Dietra Reid
This is a fond sentimental poetry book inspired by a word game, while walking when my kids were young. It presents the powerful, hopeful beauty of living things.

In 40 lines or Less by Victor Vo
Handstitched, handbound, handpounded prose and poetry (an anthology of the last ten years of written word) >100 pgs.

In The Snow by Randi Cramer
My original poems as read on my podcast, in a one of a kind, hand made, hand written book of at least 40 pages, including original artwork with tons of imagination and color by the author herself.

Infrangible by Carol Barbour
Carol Barbour’s Infrangible is a heady concoction of sumptuous beauty and dangerous relations – by turns playful, refined, and ferocious. Resonating throughout the collection is the idea of breakage as it pertains to artistic inspiration, relationships, and struggles with power.

Insomniac Bliss by Pat Kuras
43 pages – Poems about a lesbian woman: family, friendships, relationships, love poems, even hate poems.

Interstate by Merridawn Duckler
Poems that want to travel, from dancing girl press

Just Married by Stan Galloway
A view of marriage from the point of view of a new groom, wherein he learns things through everyday experiences, lessons he didn’t know he didn’t know.

Letters of Seshendra : In Defence of People and Poetry by Seshendra Sharma
This is a collection of poems and articles on poetry

Little Creatures by Julia Carlson
“…Better dip into the waters, dig into the earth, and taste the air with your tongue. /The sun is red-hot, it’s sinking fast and setting soon.” …a beautifully written book and a must read.” Gloria Mindock, Cervena Barva Press, and past Poet Laureate, Somerville, MA.

Lord I’m Dancin’ As Fast As I Can by Sistah Joy Alford
This inaugural collection of (now) Prince George’s County, MD (USA) Poet Laureate includes poems of social conscience, spirituality and cultural awareness by an African American woman seeking to include her voice as one who bears witness and feels a need to testify.

Labours by Jude Brigley
A modern take on the labours of Hercules.

LONE STARS Magazine by Milo Rosebud
Published thrice a year; 25+ pages of contemporary poets and their poetry.

Mars or Bust by LB Sedlacek
In this collection of poems, LB Sedlacek takes us to Mars and back via Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. Sample poems: “Will we be able to go to Mars/And back/Return/From Mars…” // “The Pirate House/In Savannah/Was where pirates/Met and/Conspired to steal/Everything when…” // “Legoland/Lego/Land/(say it with an Irish accent)/Lego land…”

Mein Krap by Daniel Irwin
Mein Krap is a collection of fifty-eight pages assembled as a book. Bits of poetry with a hodge podge of humor, angry rants, horror, religious devotion, sweetness, and compassion (of sorts). On, occasion, it has been burned.

Night Ladder by Lois P Jones
Night Ladder chronicles how the world moves spiritually and sensually through us, while also recognizing how we move through the world, watching “clouds/turn from oblivion into spectacle, /burning the world as they go.” There is a timelessness … as if the voice of this book has slipped the temporal bounds…

Notes and Letters by Bill Cushing
“Notes and Letters includes poems inspired by the music of Miles Davis and Charlie Parker but also a variety of other topics such as the Peruvian city of Cuzco, religion, and individuals in Los Angeles.” (Excerpted from Marianne Syzlk’s review; full review at thesongis.blogspot.com of Aug. 20, 2016)

100 Days of Little Poems by Tara King
This hand-bound book is the outcome of a summer spent writing a poem every day.

Opaque Melodies that Would Bug Most People by Corey Mesler
The poems often wax reflective, filled with the historicity of experience, yet always returning to the now. Thus, Mesler’s collection is defined by beautiful immediacy, intimacy, and urgency.

Outdoor Chamber Music by Don Thompson
Plein air poems from the San Joaquin Valley…

Pausing in the Passing Places by Alice Scott-Ferguson
Transparent reflections on life, loss, longing and love. The author’s Celtic blood runs strong and she is not afraid to voice a fresh take on a diversity of topics, both sacred and mundane.

Penny Pages of Poetry by TerryLee Armstrong
Pamphlet collections of Poetry by TerryLee sold on street corners.

Punching Cork Stoppers by Neil Leadbeater
Punching Cork Stoppers is a poetry pamphlet containing 27 poems set in Portugal which celebrate Portuguese tradition and culture. These poems capture the heat, light and sensuality of Lisbon and other Portuguese landscapes which embrace the human and the natural world.

Raising by Vivian Wagner
Raising is a collection of poems about parenting and being parented. It was published by Clare Songbirds Publishing House in 2018.

Rebel Heart by Deborah McGaffey
No life is ever ordinary and every life is purely subjective. A unique collection of poetry, Rebel Heart takes readers off of the beaten path, through emotions, events, and characters which have either inhabited or traveled through the author’s life.

Sailing the Salish Sea by Ruth Hill
My very pretty home-printed 3-ring binder chapbook contains 40 nature poems and 20 color photos, inspired while sailing the west coast of British Columbia.

Sing to Me of A World to Win by Henry Howard
A collection of human rights poetry, to remind us that we are all refugees, and only together do we have a world to win!

The Sharp Edges of Water by Angélique Jamail
In this book, the characters swerve between the rain-drenched, tree-lined, concrete plains of Houston and the voluptuous, dynamic terrain of Los Angeles. They face multiple realities, and though earnestly grounded, they sometimes swim in the waters of magic realism. Their story is both relatable and surreal.

Slogans Soundbites and poetry A by Dwane Reads
Slogans Soundbites and poetry. Inspired by the theme
For the love of Lettuce. A celebration of Melbourne’s Market Gardening Heritage.

Smooth Rough Edges by Kimberly Cunningham
These writings are about people’s smoothness during times of roughness. When I can see through their experiences and and put it on dried pulp, it is a blessing. My collection of soul poetry comes from feeling with my eyes and viewing with my heart.

So Be It by Ralph Culver
“Culver has collected in ‘So Be It’ a cycle of poems, divided into three sections, moving from sharply pointed examinations of childhood memories through compelling and disquieting poems on adulthood and family, and concluding with the title section, a quartet of poems with a well-earned, meditative, spiritually generous worldview.”

Squinting Over Water – Stories by Mary Eastham
Eleven award-winning stories. My book just won First Place in the 2019 Florida Writing Festival, Wild Card category. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

Standards of Sadiddy by Jonathan Penton
Standards of Sadiddy is written with a gentleness that grabs onto your being, the yin and yang. “Darling, we have learned/of the wars within us/without us/we know that victory is something none can justly claim.” Penton’s book will leave you reminiscing your own inner madness. —Gloria Mindock

Stark Raving Calm by J. Barrett Wolf
How does one describe a book of poetry? There are a lot of words. Many combinations of them. Some of those combinations make sense – at least to me. Others, maybe, not so much. It was my first not-self-published book. Poems of place, poems of love. Hope you enjoy it.

Strange Terrain by Matthew James Babcock
Debut collection. Mad Hat Press. Read from it at AWP in D. C. Won AML Award for Book of Poetry in 2016.

Streetlight Sonata by JR Simons
Do you like poetry with language that paints vivid pictures and evokes memories of a youth well-misspent?  Are you a fan of Sherman Alexie, Kevin Young, or Natasha Trethewey?  Then this chapbook by Ohio poet, J. R. Simons will fill you with joy, wonder, and several “aha” moments.

Surfacing by Annest Gwilym
‘Surfacing is a brave, powerful collection of poetry, charting a journey through darkness and back out into the light. Well-written and moving, it leaves the reader feeling inspired by the time the final poem is reached.’ (From a review by Sammi Cox, see https://ninemusespoetry.com/surfacing/.)

Susan@70 by Susan Olsburgh
Memories and Musings. A collection of poems.

Terra Treblinka-Holocaust poems by Hanoch Guy-Kaner
In Terra Treblinka Guy brings readers into rough terrain of Holocaust memory.Vivid and piercing neither pretend immediacy nor do they shy away from intimacies of traumatic memory. Laura S. Levitt, Professor of Religion, Jewish Studies, and Gender, Temple University. The book is a finalist in the North street contest

Thawed Stars by Alice Pero
Alice Pero is poet, flutist and teacher. Widely published since 1982, she has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Her first book of poems, “Thawed Stars” was praised by Kenneth Koch as having “clarity and surprises.” She founded the reading series “Moonday” and “Windsong Players Chamber Ensemble” in Los Angeles.

Thirty-One by Diane Puterbaugh
Thirty-one sunrises and poems for the dawn of each day of March 2018…plus a few more, for 36 poems. Spiral bound, plastic cover.

This Summer and That Summer (Bloomsbury 2015) by Sanjeev Sethi
This is Sanjeev Sethi’s third collection and one in which he has further sharpened the sensibilities of his acclaimed previous work, finding greater depths in the demotic. Navigating between inner and outer worlds, this poised collection offers solace and cynicism in equal measure. The book has 51 poems.

10 Stories Down by Vincent F A Golphin
This collection of poems inspired by years of visits to the People’s Republic of China prods the reader to take a deeper look at the meaning of love, life and their own direction .

The Tiny Tale of The Tiny Woman by Elizabeth Marchitti
A chapbook of five poems. A fun trip through my imagination. My granddaughter Sarah-Ann Yersin did the watercolor painting which graces the cover. My work has been published in several New Jersey journals. and my chapbook Growing Old Disgracefully was published by Finishing Line Press in 2017.

365.2015 by Wyatt Underwood
During 2015, having accepted a challenge from my friend Jaha Zainabu, I wrote a poem every day, sometime between midnight and midnight. These poems have been gathered into a single volume by the World Stage Press.

366 Poems: My Year in Verse by John Kaprielian
In 2012 I challenged myself to write a poem a day and in 2013 I self-published the poems in a single volume through Createspace. Some are topical, some are terrible, but they chart a year in my life and hopefully, say a lot more.

Two Sides of the Same Coin by Michael Estabrook
My poems in cahoots with Wayne Hogan’s fantastical drawings, a collection of 20 pairings of phobias and philias such as: Dementophobia- Fear of Insanity versus Erophilia- Love of Romance. Each poem is constructed of 5-line stanzas, bricks really holding the whole edifice together.

Undone by Hiram Larew Hiram Larew
A chapbook. Published by FootHills Publishing in 2018. Unthemed.

Until The Light by Kendall A. Bell
Until The Light, inspired by the lyrics of Canadian singer/songwriter Lights, explores rebirth, the need for deeper relationships, and hopefulness.

Waiting for the Wind to Rise by M. J. Arcangelini
Arcangelini’s third collection of poems, the second from NightBallet Press, is a 33 page chapbook touching on the natural world, wildfires, politics, memory, and aging with poignancy and humor. A poem from this collection was nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

Welcome to the Masquerade by Debi Kennedy
Not wanting to go the straight memoir route, I took the journey through a series of poems and collage. Some spilling out of my pen without much help from me. Others felt more like childbirth. Maybe you’ll join me. Maybe we’ll relate. Welcome to my masquerade.

What Caught Raven’s Eye by Kersten Christianson
What Caught Raven’s Eye: A chapbook slice of life in Southeast Alaska: salmon, tricksters and moons. A walk in the woods this sweet read including mixed media art by the author, Kersten Christianson.

What if the Sky Falls? by Bhisma Upreti
This book includes 31 poems on different subject including nature, love, human behavior. I composed most of the poems by observing and internalize the various aspects of humankind.

What Light I Have by Debbie Hall
“Debbie Hall’s book of poems, What Light I Have, enlightens, casts a vast spectrum of illumination across and through the human experience in such a way that we get to ‘see’ a vision that is precise, visionary and full of attitude.”–Matthew Lippman.

Who Are We Then?Who by Ed Werstein
This chapbook “shows us society dividing further into have and have nots”…”his passionate and thoughtful words, strong images and insightful questions step down off the soapbox and march poetically straight into our hearts..” Bruce Dethlefsen, WI Poet Laureate 2011-2012

Whose Place by Lydia Cortés
Whose Place is a collection of Poetry in English though there is an occasional word or phrase in Spanish, Italian or French. It is very much imbued with the Puerto Rican culture in New York.

Xanthippe and Her Friends by Beate Sigriddaughter
Xanthippe was the not exactly beloved wife of revered philosopher Socrates. Her name was used as synonym for “shrew.” This collection wants to honor her memory, together with the memory of all women, sung or unsung, who bravely make their way through this complicated existence of questionable attitudes.