Submission Guidelines

The Poetry Super Highway Welcomes all submissions of poetry for Featured Poet of the Week consideration.

When submitting, please follow the following guidelines:

  • Send a few shorter pieces, or one long one to
  • Include a BIO of any length which includes what city you live in.
 (Submissions are incomplete without bio and city information.)
  • Paste text of poems and bio into the body of an e-mail, please no attachments.
  • Please do not send poetry double spaced. If you are pasting from a word processor, please edit out the extra spaces between each line.
  • Flush text to the left (no extra spaces to indent entire poem or centering.)
  • Please do not send URL’s where your poetry is located…send the actual poems in the e-mail.
  • Any poet is eligible to be featured once during any calendar year.
  • All poems are copyright and owned by the author.
  • Previous publications / simultaneous submissions are fine, but please not if published elsewhere on the internet (except for your personal website.)
  • All submissions are saved for six months, and reviewed anew each week for POTW consideration.
  • We don’t send rejection letters. If you haven’t heard from us within 6 months from your submission date, it means we weren’t able to use anything from that submission. (With this long period of time in mind, we’re okay with simultaneous submissions (as long as you notify us if a piece is published elsewhere) and we welcome additional submissions (as long as you haven’t already been a Poet of the Week on Poetry Super Highway during the same calendar year.)
  • There are no content, style, form, or length restrictions.
  • Once selected for publication, your work will appear online as Poet of the Week for one week and then be moved into the Past Poet’s Archive permanently. We consider the archive an historical record of our publication and outside of updating typos or contact information we will not alter past issues in any manner including removing published poems. (For example, you decide down the road you don’t like a piece you had previously published for any reason or you have revised a piece etc.) With this in mind, please submit carefully.