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The 11th Annual Poetry Super Highway
Great Poetry Exchange

The mission of the Poetry Super Highway is to expose as many people to as many other people's poetry as possible.


The 11th Annual Poetry Super Highway Great Poetry Exhange is a project in which 78 poets pledged to send their poetry book, publication, or recording to another randomly selected participant. In exchange, each one will receive one of these books, publications or recordings, randomly selected from thelist of participants.

Thanks to the 78 poets who made this project a huge success by promising to send their publication to another rand
omly selected poet somewhere else in the world.

Look for the 12th annual Great Poetry Exchange in February, 2013

Books Pledged:

Above the Hum of Yellow Jackets by Carol A. Stephen
Carol A. Stephen is a Canadian poet. Her first chapbook, Above the Hum of Yellow Jackets, was released in 2011. Poems range from the humour of rants by the “Town Gossip” and militant garden gnomes to falling out of love to walking home on a stormy Newfoundland afternoon.

Alone with the Terrible Universe by Alan Britt
A cycle of poems beginning September 2001 and ending June 2002.Some poems concern 9/11 directly, but the majority of poems go their own way with an emotional hint of the events of 9/11. http://spectrumofpoeticfire.com/Reader%20Directory/Alan_Britt.htm

Alternating Currents by Dorrie Johnson
A frst poetry book, paper back, stapled. I hope that you find these poems are perceptive and without censure. Some have a quiet humour, others show a sensitivity both for the accuracy of the physical and natural world and in the choice of words.

The Anatomy of a Cratedigger by Eric Evans
Evans' seventh collection of work as he continues his quest (via music and art and politics and sex) to take on the weird world one chaotic day at a time.

Another Ordinary Day by Subhankar Das
This thin chapbook was "published" as an e-book in 2011. 12 pages, staple-bound. Cover drawing.

Antebellum Messiah by Marie Lecrivain
A collection of free verse/form poetry from 2002-2009.

Artemis In Echo Park by Eloise Klein Healy
A book-length work investigating the history of Los Angeles, wildlife in a metropolitan area, the animals sacred to Artemis--a moon goddess, and how it is to live in history.

Beatnik Femme Fatale by C.R. Cohen
Beatnik Femme Fatale expresses what it means to be a hot-blooded soul in a luke warm society. It will kick you in the teeth and grab you by the heart, leaving you exhilarated by the passion and raw honesty on the page.

Behind the wheel: select poems by Steve Isaak
The 75 mature-themed, dark humored poems in this collection span multiple poetic forms, moods and locations - it details the journey of a man, from youth to middle age, from joy to heartache and back to (relative) joy: interspersed in this road trippy mix are a few nature-appreciation poems.

Being Full of Light, Insubstantial by Linda Addison
A collection of 100 poems exploring the becoming/unbecoming of light/life from the first African-American to receive the HWA Bram Stoker award. Cover and interior art by Brian J. Addison. Book design by Terry Bradshaw.

Brantley Goes Home... by Rosalind J. Lee
a set of 10 poems and 3 stories of a psychosocial theme and suitable for 11- 13 years and those of a young mind

A Breath of Paint by LB Sedlacek
Featuring travel and adventure poems that range from Bisbee, Arizona to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Get ready to take a road trip with these poems.

Cadences by Kitty Jospe
Cadences : Collection of poems where"word-love fuses with deeper human meaning, bringing keen narrative observation to an equally well-tuned and playful ear." (Robert Peake, poet)

A Citizen of Fists by Stephanie Barnes
Poems on reconciling living and surviving while being an "out" southern woman of color.

The Closet by Clint Hirschfield
The book is full of a young mans emotions becoming an adult, being pushed away by family. My brother and sister play a role also in the book, there is a poem for every soul in The Closet. Most will probably relate to something in my words.

Contemporary Literary Review: India Nimba Issue 1 by Khurshid Alam
Contemporary Literary Review: India (CLRI) Nimba Issue 1 Anthology includes a unique blend of materials, both previously published and previously unpublished. It includes writings of about 20 writers from around the world.

Cowboy Poems about the Old West and New by Bob Frost
Bob's Cowboy poems have been written with the idea that people like to hear a good story. And that's the way it was back in the 1860's. Cowboys and ranch hands sat around the campfires and made up stories. And that's what we've done in our book.

Current of River by Zoe Star Hoskin
This is my most current work. I would much rather offer you my fresh yet unpredictable poetry, than the polished and well-liked words from years ago. I hope you find this book interesting and connecting us.

Daily the Sky Shifts - Descriptive poetry for the soul. by Ruth Mark
Ruth Mark was the winner of Path Publishing’s 2006 Internet Poetry Contest. In Daily the Sky Shifts she brings to life her beloved Ireland, and her adopted lands (The Netherlands and France), in her unique, descriptive style as she spiritually grows within.

Death of a Mauve Bat by Rick Lupert
Rick's 14th book written in and on the way to and from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, replete with his characteristic observational wit. "I know of no other poet able to establish intimacy with the reader as fast as Lupert." ~ Brendan Constantine

The Distance Between by Julie Valin
This collection reflects a woman balancing her own reckless heart with the responsibilities of womanhood. It is both the drawing together and the falling apart; the slow dancing in the kitchen and the door-slamming. These poems have raw guts, as the window is opened to joyous and painful truths.

Dolly by Johnmichael Simon
Poetry chapbook

Emily's Dress by Janet McCann
Poems about Emily Dickinson and the world she lived in

Family Album by Sheree Mack
Sheree Mack traces her family's history through the generations and journeys and attempts to create her version of the story through poetry.

Fragments of Chance by Russ Golata
Have you ever thought about how one move on the road of life can alter the final destination. These poems take a look at this in a light hearted manner

Fringe Fantastic by Chas Stramash
Fringe Fantastic is a collection of poetry and photography about Chas’s experience at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Humorous, satirical, and irreverent, this 91-page chapbook of photographic images and accompanying poetry was written on the ancient cobbled streets of Edinburgh during the month-long Festival celebrations.

From the Psyco Ward Level One Critical. by Howard Yosha
In 2010 I suffered the spinal cord injury called cauda equina. I lost it while recovering in different hospitals. Basically you get to watch the fall and the recovery.

Ghosts in Time and Space by Douglas Richardson
Richardson's "Ghosts in Time and Space" offers groundwarmers a luminous triptych of memory, emotion and expression, fortified by unique wisdom borne of experience.

H.B.Condensed by Eamonn Lorigan
The Good Book, retold, rehashed, reduced.

A House of Bottles by Robin Merrill
Funny, harrowing, sad, animate: the poems gathered in A HOUSE OF BOTTLES are artful although unadorned, edgy and troubling the way American life is edgy and troubling, and they are unshakeable--as if a rose with a canker had unfolded and spent its blooms before you. ~ Gray Jacobik

In Praise of Stillness by Elizabeth Marchitti
First Prize winner in Bear Publishing's Mini-chapbook contest. Eight poems "in praise of stillness".

In The Lake of Your Bones by Peggy Dobreer
"These poems flicker between the realms of the corporeal and the ethereal, like a dancer moving through a room of lit candles." —Douglas Richardson, Poet,

Insert Clever Title Here by Terry McCarty
Recent humorous and serious poems including tributes to Brendan Constantine and the late Scott Wannberg.

The Insomnia Poems by Harry Calhoun
"The exquisite pain of loneliness and dread of going to bed alone are captured all too well in The Insomnia Poems by Harry Calhoun … A masterfully-written collection from a poet who has never been afraid to examine the deepest, darkest, scariest part of his soul." -- Boston Literary Magazine

Logic by Marina Rubin
Logic is a world where absurdity and reason are intertwined, where diagnosed schizophrenics are the most sound of people, beautiful women can't find a mate and socialites are infinitely lonely. Divided into five sections What, When, Where, Who and Why, this is a ceaseless search for logic behind circumstances.

The Long Loping Hills of Montana by Neil Meili
The stuff that sometimes happens that sometimes rhymes

Lost Girls by Amber Decker
Decker’s poems seek to illuminate what it means to be young and female in today's society. This includes pieces on relationships, sexuality, the workplace, and pre-conceived notions of feminine beauty and gender roles.

Love in Interesting Times by Wyatt Underwood
These are interesting times, the Chinese blessing or curse is working, and Wyatt explores facets of the times and of love in them.

The Love Poems by Kathleen Matson Blurock
Love is what transforms beyond our imagination.

A Matter of Mind by Joseph Saling
An approachable, bittersweet collection of both free verse and formal poetry. One reviewer described it as covering "a lifetime of searching for the perfect words and the perfect way in which to express them—a lifetime of dancing in the middle."

Mein Krap by Daniel Irwin
8" x 5" 58 page paper back full of strange and wonderous...wonderous?...no...just strange...poems from me own sick mind. Actually, they're not that bad...most come with a good dose of humor. Copies have been burned by religious fundamentalists.

The Muse of Many Names by Russell Streur
"Gritty liek the desert, bloody like war but also melancholic and sweet as the songs of the sirens which have strayed too close to the shores of our mortality"--Taufiq bin Abdul Khalid, The Sinners Almanac

New by Jim Babwe
New is newer than some things that are old, but as soon as I finished writing it, is was already less new than I thought it would be. It's still New though.

Newborn Smiles by Ramesh Anand
Newborn Smiles, Cyberwit.Net Press, 2012 by Ramesh Anand is a 72 pages collection of Haiku poetry and Long verses. Preface is done by Kala Ramesh and Patricia Prime. This collection of haiku and long verses are from the earlier publications: world’s premier print journals, Japanese newspapers and e-journals.

Notes From a Quill by David Stewart Handelman
"Parchment scratches to soothe the day." 130 pages of poems, thoughts and many thiongs to think about in our daily lives.

Organic Hotels by Matthew Abuelo
Organic Hotels is my second collection of poetry. Its focus in on the gentrification of New York and the death of a once great city.

Other by David McIntire
My most recent chapbook has unique front covers for each copy as well as completely one-of-a-kind collage artwork on the back cover of each one. The artwork was done by me and my wife.

The Other Side of Midnight by Larry Bubar
Just poems is all

Penguins in a Warming World by Anca Vlasopolos
Penguins in a warming world are not only the animals whose place on the planet has been supplanted, but all those who find themselves stranded through no fault of their own.

Piel by Amy M. Aviles
It is a erotic poetry book. I handmade a small edition on 150 books. All the poetry, the photography and the design of the book is made by me. It is in Spanish with a few poems in English. A very romantic, delicate and heart warming book.

The Poetry Connection by Catherine Giordano
A chapbook of 23 poems, some humorous, some emotional, some both at the same time. Some short, some long, some rhyme, some don't. There's depth, but they are also easy to read.

Political and Market Dilemmas Through Poetry by Lucio Muñoz
It contains six poems on issues related to the social dimmensions of politics and market capitalism.

Report From X-Star 10 by Laurence Overmire
A world in crisis: Economic. Political. Social. Spiritual. Revolution or Evolution? What is the fate of human civilization on our little Planet Earth?

Resisting a Rest Home by Waiata Dawn Davies
A pamphlet of seventeen poems published by Gallery Books and Craft, Carterton N.Z. 1995. Mainly humorous about battling old age.

Resurrection by Michelle Angelini
This chapbook includes 13 poems, about my life’s events, animals, and reflections. After a period of writer’s block, I am once again writing new and revising old poetry for a more complete collection of my poems that I hope to publish in the near future.

The Road to Timbuktu:Travel Poems by Hanoch Guy
Join voyages to faraway places. Enjoy the secents and sounds of islands and mountains. Cross the seas to Newfoundland and the Sahara dessert to timbuktu. Delve into the mystery of imaginary retreats.

Sauce Robert by F.J. Bergmann
The usual weirdness,co-winner of the 2003 Pavement Saw Press contest.

Scary City by Lob Instagon
This collection of poems accompanies a CD by the band INSTAGON. The music and the poems together create a mood and a story..the release includes both.  It was released in late spring of 2011 on the LOVE EARTH MUSIC label in a limited edition of 100 copies.

The Shadow of a Dog I Can't Forget by Mary Kennedy Eastham
These are beautifully written, intriguing poems given to us by a poet who just knows how to match the imagery of words to her own unique vision. No wonder they call you a Word Actress! ... The Writer's Digest International Book Awards

The Sisyphean Burden by Michael Estabrook
A compilation of work-related experiences from the machine shop (Fred Voss) to the board room (Michael Estabrook). Laugh, romp, cry and dream with the boys as they trudge through their work days, never-ending as the sun. Art work by Wayne Hogan.

A Song Beneath Silence by Apryl Skies
A Song Beneath Silence, a captivating collection of poetry by Apryl Skies. Beauty often emerges from the most unexpected places and this concept is intricately weaved throughout her charismatic literary debut, an engaging journey through a poetic labyrinth and an intimate look at the lines that blur; dreams and reality.

Soul Hill Lullabies, A Poem Cycle by Stephanie Mesler
Soul Hill Lullabies tells the story of my people on Alma Hill, NY spanning the 2Oth and early 21st centuries.

Spare Parts and Dismemberment by Josh Fernandez
Fernandez documents a young Latino’s plight to climb into his own skin with hand on heart, almost repentant for the sins his struggle has offered. He writes of a world gone mad, a world we are all part of, a world fashioned from Spare Parts and Dismemberment.

Streetlight Sonata by JR Simons
A chapbook of poetry by Ohio poet and playwright J. R. Simons.

Strolling Down Heaven's Gate by Gisèle Vincent-Page
My book is a prose/poetry compilation of my 27 years living with HIV/AIDS. It is 61 pages in length. The proceeds of the book sales are donated to the Stephen Lewis Foundation, which provides assistance to women with HIV in Africa.

Submerged Structure by Thomas Vaultonburg
Submerged Structure is the fourth volume of poetry by Thomas L. Vaultonburg. It is a poetic memoir of his struggle with Schizoid Personality Disorder.

The Surly Bonds of Earth by Grace Curtis
Lettre Sauvage Letterpress Chapbook winner selected by Stephen Dunn. "Behind that voice is an intelligence we learn to trust, and a sense of narrative tact. Outer seriousness, inner humor"

Swimming in a Thunderstorm by Kelly Giles
A passionate, enigmatic exploration of an emotional healing journey which explores such themes as the universality of trauma and the quest for authenticity and emotional nakedness. It dives deep into the subconscious in search of buried treasures, and in search of the stillness at the heart of all chaos.

Tales of an Unclean Life by David Neves
Poetry between the lines, beyond the page and outside of the box. This book contains the collected poems and photographs of over 35 years' rebellion against modern poetry. This book is for all those people who hate poetry.

10 Stories Down by Vincent Golphin
The work is an exploration of the sights, sounds, smells, and personalities of Beijing, inspired by two, six-month stays in the city.

The Tense Past by Corey Mesler
A chapbook of poems about the past, its power, its seductiveness.

Thawed Stars by Alice Pero
Thawed Stars was hailed by Kenneth Koch as having “clarity and surprises.”“After the break of dawn/I stepped in the pieces all day” says Pero, whose take on the world is both wry and slightly askew. Thawed Stars soars with musicality and wisdom.

This is Not My Heart by Richard Cody
In these six dozen plus poems, Richard Cody ranges easily between free verse observations of life and the world, and lyrical flights of fantasy. No matter the style, the poet's eye is sharp and his voice clear as he annunciates his vision of what is and what might be.

The Triple Harp Musicianess by Antonia Di Iorio
It is in manuscript form and the poems have never been published centering around a modern canadian dandy's with continental fashion admirable affection for myself who is the triple harp musicianess.

Unearthed by Mark Hersman
Contains several archaeological voices and filled w/ uncharted twists and turns...never quite what you expect. A chapbook published by Ohio's Puddinghouse Publications..from ship wrecks on Lake Erie to ancient voices speaking through stone...and a few others far off the least traveled road.

Unforeseen by Mary Harrison
This book is about tragedy and grief, written after my son committed suicide. The first section is comprised of poems. The book also includes prose, diary entries and letters.

Unthinkable Skies by Juliet Wilson
Juliet Wilson's second chapbook, Unthinkable Skies contains poetry largely inspired by the natural world. "This is an inspirational collection from a deservedly popular poet" - Colin Will, (Scottish poet and publisher).

Visions & Dichotomies On The Scarfaced Clock of Time by Patricia D'Alessandro
Collection of poems,separated by themes, written over 30 years, dedicated to the late Stan Rice, husband of Anne Rice, whose painting graces the cover. This is the poet's fifth collection and she is now working on her seventh to publish in 2012.

White Hair Walking by Rose Byrd
Fairytale series for all ages recording the adventures of a group of critters and unfolks who start from fields near the Mediterranean Coast of then-Judea and travel ever eastward toward a hide-and-seek light.

Working title by Lawrence Berger
Working title is a poetry anthology I put together a coiuple of years ago.

Writing Sonnets For Your Friends And Soul Mates by Vee Bdosa
A pleasant look at some of my life's experiences, written in Sonnet form, and how I wrote them