Making Love to the 50 Ft. Woman: Poems 1998-2015 Released by Rothco Press

Making Love to the 50 Ft. Woman: Poems 1998-2015 by Rick Lupert


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Making Love to the 50 Ft. Woman: Poems 1998-2015

With a foreword by Brendan Constantine

Rick Lupert’s seventeenth poetry collection, Making Love to the 50 Ft. Woman (Rothco Press, May 2015), is the long awaited follow up to, and first collection of Lupert’s selected works since, 1997’s I am My Own Orange County. Lupert’s poetry exists at the intersections of the wise and the ridiculous, the spectacular and the mundane. The humor and deeper themes throughout his work will win over the generations of people who’ve come to regard poetry as an inaccessible literary art. These poems, written over the last two decades, have been widely published in dozens of journals, zines, and anthologies from all over the world. They’re rooted in the every day Los Angeles experience and take you through fatherhood, traffic, love, death, and the inevitable experience of finding a wrapped sausage on the sidewalk. You’ll learn how to kiss, you’ll meet the cutest leaf in the world, you’ll say goodbye to Pete Seeger and Robin Williams, you may even relive your own childhood. Get ready to Make Love to the Fifty Ft. Woman. Don’t wear anything complicated.

Click here to read poetry from Making Love to the 50 Ft. Woman

Making Love to the 50 Ft. Woman Title Poem Video Published at Red Fez

redfezlogoThanks to Red Fez for publishing the short-film poem/video of “Making Love to the 50 Ft. Woman”, the title poem from my new book. Check it out (and all the other cool stuff in Red Fez) here.

News of a Strange Thing featured on IndieFeed Performance Poetry Podcast

My poem “News of a Strange Thing” written for Brendan Constantine as featured on the IndieFeed Performance Poetry Podcast (May 2015). This poem is from my new Rothco Press book “Making Love to the 50 Ft. Woman: Poems 1998-2015″. Check out more poetry from the book here.

Making Love to the 50 Ft. Woman – Title Poem Video

Video filmed entertainment of the “Making Love to the 50 Ft. Woman”, the title poem from my new book. Check out the book here.

Poem for Leonard Nimoy published at FreezeRay

Happy to report my poem for Leonard Nimoy “My Ears Point Towards The Stars” was just published in the latest issue of FreezeRay. Check it out here: – Lots of other cool stuff in this issue too. Thanks FreezeRay!

My poem “For Dracula” wins the 2015 Fantasy Poetry Slam

Check out the video for my poem “For Dracula” which brought Team Transylvania to a victory in the 2015 Fantasy Poetry Slam. Thanks to Victor Infante for orchestrating this fun madness! For a good time, check out all of the entries in this year’s contest here.

Annette Sugden Reviews The Gettysburg Undress

The Gettysburg Undress - Poetry by Rick Lupert
Check out this great review of The Gettysburg Undress by guest-blogger Annette Sugden on the Al-Khemia Poetica blog. Thanks so much Annette! Read the review here.

Poem for Robin Williams published at Radius

Radius Lit
Thanks to Victor Infante and the good folks at Radius for publishing “I Am From Ork”, the poem I wrote for Robin Williams the day he passed away. Check it out here.

The Very Last Cobalt Cafe Group Poem

For over 20 years I closed out the Cobalt Cafe weekly open reading with the infamous “Group Poem” written by that week’s attendees. This is the very last one, from the final Cobalt Poets event, December 30, 2014, a day before the Cobalt Cafe closed forever. Thanks to Cyrus Sepahbodi for filming this! (And if you’ve never experiences a group poem before, we apologize in advance.)

2 New Poems Published in American Mustard Volume 2

I’m awfully excited to have 2 new poems published in American Mustard Volume 2! This is a unique publication that doesn’t include the author’s names until the end of the manuscript…so you can read the whole thing as intended in order, or skip to the end (you naughty cheaters) to see who wrote what. Check out my work, along with a great roster of other poets I’m proud to be listed with here: (And thanks American Mustard for including me!)