“How Close Was Mars” read by John Gardiner on KXOne Laguna

kxonelagunaThis is pretty cool! John Gardiner with his co-host Polina Hryn read my poem “How Close Was Mars” on their Laguna Beach based radio show “Spoken Word / Spoken Song” yesterday immediately preceded by a reading of Brendan Constantine‘s earthly “Last Night I Went to the Map of the World and I Have Messages For You.” The reading of these 2 poems starts at about the 7 minute mark in the show but listen to the whole thing as there’s a lot more poetry, humor and music worth going in your ears in it! Thanks John and Polina! Click here to listen.

Friday Night Live Tribute Poem published in L.A. Jewish Journal

Friday Night Live with Craig Taubman and Rabbi David Wolpe

The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles just published a poem I wrote to honor the final Friday Night Live service led by Rabbi David Wolpe and Craig Taubman. Thanks Craig for asking me to write this and for giving me the space to read it last Friday night! Check out the text here…and the full article about this last Friday Night Live with Rabbi Wolpe and Craig here.

A glimpse into the 2014 Beyond Baroque Awards Dinner

Well if you missed the 2014 Beyond Baroque Awards Dinner at which I received the Distinguished Service Award and Bill Mohr received the George Drury Smith Award, here’s a glimpse at the festivities. Background music by Mason Summit.

2 new poems published at Yay L.A. Magazine

2 poems by Rick Lupert at Yay L.A. Magazine
Whoa, thanks to Yay L.A. Magazine for publishing 2 more new poems of mine! “Familial Costume” about the adventures of dressing up as your spouse, along with “I Don’t Want to Go Long” (a tribute to those of us who think that before we get up to do our time at the microphone.) Thanks Yay LA! (and check out all the other cool stuff there!!) L.A.!! Check ‘em out here.

Finally “Matzah” get’s it’s own epic poem.

An epic poem about Matzah. Written for Craig Taubman’s “Downtown Seder” at the Pico Union Project, April 2014. If you need the text for any reason here’s a PDF.

“Earthquake Poem” published at Yay L.A. Magazine

Photo by Yang Li
Thanks to the folks at Yay L.A. Magazine for publishing my poem “Earthquake Poem” today along with a cool photo by Yang Yi. I wrote this a couple of months ago after my friend Zach Singer sent me an “emergency” request to write a poem about the 20th Anniversary of the Northridge Earthquake…which occurred a couple of days before the first Tuesday night open reading at the Cobalt Cobalt Cafe. (Just a month or so before I started hosting that weekly event in 1994.) Thanks Yay L.A.! Check out the poem here.

“We are all poets” – Interview at Sarah Kobrinsky’s (the Poet-laureate of Emeryville) Blog

Thanks to Sarah Kobrinsky, the Poet Laureate of Emeryville, California for publishing “We are all poets” – an interview with me! Click here to read it.

I Am Superman by Rick Lupert #FantasyPoetrySlam #TeamGotham

I won the 2014 #FantasyPoetrySlam with #TeamGotham with this poem. Check out all the entries here.

Cat and Banana

Cat and Banana Episode 1
Check out Cat and Banana, a new daily web-comic about the adventures of a cat and banana. Proud to be working on this new project with L.A. Poet Brendan Constantine!

Poem for Pete Seeger

A poem for Pete Seeger (1919-2014) in loving memory.