Romancing the Blarney Stone Facebook Live Publication Reading

Check out the Facebook Live publication reading for my poetry collection “Romancing the Blarney Stone.” Read a few more poems and get yourself a copy here.

Professor Clown on Parade Facebook Live Publication Reading

Check out the Facebook Live publication reading for my poetry collection “Professor Clown on Parade.” Read a few more poems and get yourself a copy here.

My 20th Book: Donut Famine

Donut Famine: Poems written in New Orleans, Louisiana by Rick Lupert


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Rothco Press
December 2016
232 Pages
Donut Famine: Poems written in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana

“…a poet at the height of his powers. Lupert further refines his singular travelogue style with a delicate balance of reportage, recollection, and lyric introspection. More than an anthology of latest work, Rick Lupert has given us something rare: a complete experience. All aboard.”

~ Brendan Constantine, author of ‘Dementia, My Darling’

“As someone who has been living in New Orleans for ten weeks now, I can say with unwavering conviction that master wordsmith Rick Lupert came to New Orleans, wrote these poems here, and avoided arrest throughout his visit. “

~  Jonathan Penton, Editor of ‘Unlikely Stories’

Rick Lupert’s 20th collection of poetry and latest travelogue installation takes him to Louisiana, Baton Rouge and New Orleans, where you could peel the weather off you with a butter knife, if you had time to think about that amidst the food, jazz, voodoo, and seamless blending of cultures. Have a cocktail every night with Rick (it’s where they were invented) as you make your way through the bayou with his signature style of humor and awe.

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My 19th Book: Romancing the Blarney Stone

Romancing the Blarney Stone: Poetry from Ireland by Rick Lupert


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Rothco Press
December 2016
258 Pages
Romancing the Blarney Stone: Poems written in and on the way to and from Ireland

“Funny, observant and comforting, “Romancing the Blarney Stone” is a fine read from one of my favorite poets.”

~ Amber Tamblyn, Author + Actress

“I saw my own country through the culture-shocked eyes of a stranger who clearly loved it as much as it clearly confused him too. A really great, funny, and perceptive verse cycle by a true poet. “

~ Rodney Orpheus, Irish Author + Musician

“…a detailed, humorous tour of Ireland, full of blarney, a little stoned (various quantities of fine Irish whiskey are consumed), and always entertaining. “

~ G. Murray Thomas, Poet + Editor Next… Poetry Calendar

Visit Ireland with Rick Lupert, and his wife, in this, his 19th collection of poetry written on the Irish Ireland nation, where the color green was invented, where the north and south are still struggling with a seventeenth century conflict. Sample Irish whiskey and cheese. Try to out-nice the locals…and walk the same streets where so many of the world’s most essential writers cut their teeth. There’s a stone to kiss. Are you in?

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My 18th Book: Professor Clown on Parade

Professor Clown on Parade: Poetry by Rick Lupert


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Rothco Press
December 2016
296 Pages
Professor Clown on Parade: Poems from Burlington, Vermont, Waterbury, Vermont, Portland, Maine, and Hartford Connecticut.

“A brilliant, beer-fogged take on America by one of the funniest, smartest poets around.”

~ Alexis Rhone Fancher, poetry editor, Cultural Weekly, seven-time Pushcart nominee

“…a work that’s underpinned by a depth and decency you don’t see very often in this world, let alone in a book that will make you laugh out loud.”

~ Daniel McGinn, Author “1000 Black Umbrellas”, Write Bloody Publishing

Rick Lupert’s 18th book, and latest in his poetry-travelogue series, takes him through the gorgeous north-east where everybody in Vermont gets a free hug and no-one in Hartford Connecticut believes he and his wife are vacationing there. Join Rick on this poetic adventure along with stops in Waterbury, Vermont (where so many free food samples are given) and Stockbridge, Massachusetts, where Norman Rockwell is still very much alive.

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My poem “The Foot Book” published in Poetic Diversity

Thanks to Poetic Diversity for publishing my new poem (for my son Jude) in your November 2016 issue! Check it out here.

New Review of Death of a Mauve Bat in Poetic Diversity

Death of a Mauve Bat
Check out this sweet review of my 2012 book “Death of a Mauve Bat” in the November, 2016 issue of Poetic Diversity! Thanks
Jack G. Bowman! (Read more poems from it and get yourself a copy here.

Armpits of the Holy – My New Free Poetry E-book

Armpits of the Holy
Wow…my new e-book, “Armpits of the Holy”, was downloaded 138 times in the Poetry Super Highway e-book Free-For-All. Sorry if ya missed it, but join my email list using the form to the right and get yourself a free copy. (Rumor has it if you join my email list you’ll also get a free copy of my previous e-book “Don’t Blame Canada” too.)

Vive le Chapeau! poem published by Silver Birch Press

Rick Lupert in a beret - with guitar.
Thanks to the poetry super heroes at Silver Birch press for publishing my poem “Vive le Chapeau!” in their “Me in a Hat” series. (This poem was written for this project!) Check out the poem (and a larger version of me in the beret from 1995) here.

For Leonard Cohen – A Recent Poem

Written on the occasion of Leonard Cohen’s 80th Birthday in 2014, shared this week after news of his passing. (November 2016)