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Stolen Mummies
The Poet's Experience in London

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I Am My Own Orange County - 11th Anniversary Edition
Rick's second book, the original Selected poems from 1990-1997, with all the original artwork, introduction and orange-ness, along with a newly written "Re-Introduction" and a selection of 29 additional (sometimes even MORE sophomoric) poems from the "I Am My Own Orange County 'era'".
$12.00 US
A Man With No Teeth Serves Us Breakfast
The poet's experiences in Boston in London during the Summer of 2006. Lupert's observational poetry is funny, surreal and well worth a read as an alternative to the altenative travel guide. You'll begin to like poetry all over again. Your nostrils will flare. You will start a revolution in your personal space. With an introduction by Brendan Constantine worth twice the price of the book on it's own. (The author suggests only reading the introduction and throwing the rest of the pages away.) Read. Enjoy.
$10.00 US
I'd Like to Bake Your Goods
The poet's experiences on his honeymoon in Paris, Rome and Venice. 100 pages of observations, love, baguettes, Monet, ancient things, rivers, love, gondolas, pigeons, love, love, words, poetry.
$10.00 US
Stolen Mummies - Book and CD
The poet's experience in London. 64 pages of humorous, observational, and sometimes surreal poems written while experiencing the city. Comes with CD recording of almost an hour of material recorded on the spot...humorous, often sophomoric audible observations, mixed with love, and a bonus poetry track.
$10.00 US
Brendan Constantine Is My Kind of Town
Poems written for, about, and while living on the same planet as Los Angeles poet, and friend, Brendan Constantine.
$6.00 US
Up Liberty's Skirt
A poet's experience in New York City. Finally the poet it makes it to THE Big City. Sure, Los Angeles is bigger...but New York is certainly...taller. 50 pages of observations and experiences...narrative, humorous... including ** TWO BONUS POEMS FROM NEW JERSEY !!!!!!!! **
$6.00 US
Lizard King ot the Laundromat
The poet's experience in a laundromat. 3 days of laundry. 3 days of poems. The essential laundromat poetry experience. You like clean clothes? You like poetry. You like this book.
$6.00 US
Mowing Fargo
Sacred Beverage Press 1998 release of poems written in Fargo, North Dakota about a crazy town, an insane family of geniuses, and a girl.
$6.00 US
I'm a Jew, Are You?
The Poet / got up to read / took off all his clothes / read naked
I could tell right away he wasn't Jewish
$6.00 US
Feeding Holy Cats
A poet's experience in Israel. 10 days of observations, tongue in cheek, and otherwise in narrative, humorous glory with glossary and picture of author sticking his head out of an ancient hole.
$6.00 US

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