Hunka Hunka Howdee! Poems written in Memphis, Nashville and Louisville


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Ain’t Got No Press
May 2019
276 Pages
Hunka Hunka Howdee! Poems written in Memphis, Nashville and Louisville

Rick Lupert’s 23rd collection of poems and latest travelogue written on the go in Memphis, Nashville, and Louisville. Two music cities, the birthplace of rock and Roll, Martin Luther King’s final steps and barrels full of bourbon are no escape from Lupert’s keen poetic eye and wit.

“The best of these poems come close enough to being both seductive satire and genuinely sentimental encounters that you will want to linger with their wit…Lupert’s deftly sketched poems will help you keep “one foot each on and off / the beaten path” of skeptical wonder at the world’s on-going peculiarities.”

–Bill Mohr, author of The Headwaters of Nirvana,
and HOLDOUTS: The Los Angeles Poetry Renaissance 1948-1992

“Being a Memphian I was particularly enthralled by how much of my city he captures in his short, beguiling lines. This delightful collection is a trip with such a charming guide you’ll want to take it over and over.”

–Corey Mesler, author of Madstones and Memphis Movie

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Sleepless – A poem written in Portland

My poem “The Son and Heir” received a Pushcart prize from PoeticDiversity

Thank you so much to PoeticDiversity editors for nominating my poem “The Son and Heir” for a 2018 Pushcart Prize! (Not to mention publishing it.) Check it out here.

My found poem “Headlines” published at Unlost Journal

I’m genuinely excited to report that my poem “Headlines”, a found poem from text that appeared on the front page of the CNN website on September 1st, was published in the new issue if Unlost Journal. Thanks Unlost editors! Check it out here:

A new poem video for “Snoqualmie Falls” from my book “Beautiful Mistakes”

A new poem video for “I Meet Alexa” from my book “Beautiful Mistakes”

Three Poems Published at Easy Street

Three Poems Published at Easy Street
Thanks to Easy Street Magazine for publishing three new poems of mine! (2 from my book “Beautiful Mistakes” and another previously unpublished one called “Swimming With Sins” about the Jewish tashlich ceremony (and ducks!) Thanks Easy Street! Read ’em here.

Beautiful Mistakes: Poems from Seattle, Portland and Twin Peaks

Beautiful Mistakes: Poems by Rick Lupert


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Rothco Press
May 2018
218 Pages
Beautiful Mistakes: Poems written in Seattle, Portland and Twin Peaks

Rick Lupert’s 22nd book – a collection of travel poetry written while exploring the Pacific Northwest including stops in Seattle, Washington (where there’s coffee on every corner), Snoqualmie, Washington (better known as Twin Peaks), and Portland, Oregon (where everything is weird and there’s even more coffee on every corner.) Full of Lupert’s signature wit and style, Beautiful Mistakes is part poetry, part humorous travelogue, and all entertaining.

Rick drinks coffee, Rick has conversations with Alexa, Rick searches for owls in the trees, Rick has a Doughnut party in the hotel lobby, Rick politely refrains from including what the homeless person was yelling on the street, Rick dines with friends, and poets, and all is documented in these caffeinated, pie-filled, weird and beautiful poems.

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“Every city has a surprise waiting for you.” An Interview with Rick Lupert

Check out this new interview with me by the good folks from Rothco press who will soon be releasing “Beautiful Mistakes”, my newest book of travel poetry written last summer in Seattle, Portland and Twin Peaks (a.k.a. Snoqualmie, Washington.) Thanks Rothco Press! Read it here.

My Poem “Dementia, My Darling” Published in the 2017-2018 San Diego Poetry Annual

Dementia, My Darling by Rick Lupert, for Brendan Constantine, appears in the 2017-2018 San Diego Poetry Annual!
You’ll find my poem “Dementia, My Darling”, written for Brendan Constantine’s book-of-the-same-name publication party, on pages 122-123 of the newly published 2017-2018 San Diego Poetry Annual. It’s a 469 page tome that should serve your poetry reading needs for decades to come. Thanks to the editors, especially Jeff Walt who asked for work from me, for including me in this extraordinary work of love. Get your copy here.